The Secret to Chris Brown's Emotional BET Awards Appearance: Eyedrops

Newsflash:  Chris Brown was faking it when he cried for himself while paying tribute to Michael Jackson at the BET Awards.

Though everyone already knew Brown was a phony, we didn’t realize how deep his phoniness went.  But now we do.

Thanks to a witness who was near Brown backstage before his performance, we now know that he used eyedrops to bring the eyerollingly cheesy tears.

“He rubbed it in and he started crying,” the witness bluntly describes.

Brown’s rep denies the eyedrop claim, saying Brown cried because he was moved by the chance to pay tribute to his idol.

So here we have two gigantic PR blunders by Chris Brown.  Number 1, he fake-cries using eyedrops.  Number 2, he admits that he idolizes a child molesting freak.

I’ve got an idea Chris:  why don’t you film yourself crushing a kitten to death in a vice.

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