Christina Aguilera Thinks Her Album Tanked Because Her Husband Was a Jerk

Celebrity denial has reached a hilarious new low:  According to friends of Christina Aguilera, the pop singer is telling everyone that she dumped her husband Jordan Bratman because he caused her album Bionic to tank.  Christina’s claim is that, because Jordan was always making her stay home and do the domestic thing, she didn’t have enough time to “focus on her career.”  So what she’s saying is, if only Jordan had let her out of the house more often, she could’ve spent more time following Lady Gaga around and stealing her ideas.  And how exactly was this supposed to ease the infernal suckiness of her music?  Why doesn’t Christina admit the truth:  She dumped Jordan Bratman so she could go lesbo with Samantha Ronson.  That’s not going to work any better than ripping off Gaga.

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