Tales Of The South: Flippin Arkansas Mayor Flippin Shoots a Flippin Window

BillyThat’s right, there is a town in Arkansas called Flippin. What else would you expect from the state that houses such ballyhooed town names as Cooter, Stumptoe, Turkey Scratch, and Toad Suck? Well the town of Flippin has just earned the right to take it’s place among the other prestigious towns, like Booger Hollow (I’m not kidding).

It would seem the Mayor of Flippin was just, well…flippin around and fired a rifle at the window of the Police Chief’s office. Yes, this did take place in the Police Station.

According to the Chief, he was on the phone when the Mayor walked in, picked up the rifle, and fired! Apparently gun safety isn’t a concern for the Mayor. Can you imagine the scenario that led up to the poor window catching a bullet? The Mayor walks in, sees his buddy the Police Chief is on the phone, when suddenly, a wild rifle appaears!

The Mayor, who I’m sure was just there to see if the Chief saw that Spencer from Big Brother got evicted last night,  picks up the rifle, assumes it’s not loaded and pulls the trigger…BAM! The rifle goes off, much to the chagrin of the poor, hapless window. We may never know the real flippin reason the Mayor of Flippin shot out that flippin window, and I am sure it was an accident, but one can only flippin imagine.

(h/t Arkansas Online)


Buzzy says “Arkansas’ state song is the sound of a gunshot.”

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