Welcome to Lightly Buzzed

1The internet is an awesome and weird place. Lightly Buzzed is here to help you find the weird and awesome stuff that you love. Whatever your passion is, Lightly Buzzed will be highlighting the content that is the most relevant and awesome from all around the net.

But we aren’t just re-posting YouTube videos, we are creating our own magical sparkling unicorns of internet humor and information about the things you love.

Make sure you check back often because Lightly Buzzed won’t be sitting still for long. We plan to keep the good stuff coming; getting it out hot as soon as we find it. It’s quite the sacrifice to spend all day surfing the net for you, we are basically the red cross workers of the internet, but we think it’s worth it. Because we love you… OK, well we like you… OK, we don’t know you… but we would like to make you laugh.

So how awesome will this site be with all this unique content, viral videos, and funny cartoons? Well that’s hard to put into words, so here is a monkey riding a goat.

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