Breaking-Buzzed: The Breaking Bad Finale Part 1

The end is near my friends. There is just one episode left until the Breaking Bad series finale.  But don’t worry, we here at Lightly Buzzed are here to hold your hand through the nail biting, insanely intense, blue meth hazed conclusion.

Last night’s episode was titled “Granite State” the nickname for New Hampshire, where Saul’s “fixer” hides Walt after he escapes ABQ. As always, Walt refuses to go quietly into that good night, and instead of living out the last of his days, cut short by the terminal cancer, he decides that the quaint little cabin in the snow covered mountains will not be his final resting place.

In this episode, we see a sad, somewhat remorseful Walt. Not remorseful for cooking meth and killing people, but for the way things have gone for his family. We see a bit of a fast forward with Walt growing a full beard, and the return of his hair. Walter is despondent, he has nothing but a barrel full of money and little to no contact with the world outside of his cabin.

We will get back to Walt in a minute…

“Granite State” takes an even darker turn as we see Jessie attempt to escape from the pit where Uncle Jack, Todd, and the Arians have him locked up, cooking the Blue Meth. Once again, I found myself on the roller coaster of emotions.  I cheered for Jesse to make it to the fence, only to be brought back down into the depths of sadness when the Arians show up and stop his bid for freedom. Jesse’s punishment for his failed attempt at escape? Watching Todd put a bullet in the back of Andrea’s head.

Back to Walt…

Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan, takes us to Walt as he makes one last, desperate attempt to provide for his family. Walt learns that Skylar is now working part-time as a taxi dispatcher, and that she has to leave baby Holly with a neighbor; Walt’s family is destitute. Walt asks Saul’s fixer if he came back to the cabin and found Walt dead, would he get the barrel of cash to his family.  To which then fixer replies, “If I say yes, would you believe me?”

Walt realizes that if his family is going to get any money at all, then he will have to make sure that he does it himself. Making his way 8 miles down a snow covered road, Walt brings a package of money to a bar, where he pays a woman to call Flynn’s school and act as his Aunt Marie. Young Flynn gets called to the Principal’s office where Walt himself is waiting on the line.

The dialogue between Flynn and Walt is heartbreaking, as we hear a desperation in Walt’s voice; pleading with his son to take the money. Upon realizing that his son hates him, Walt calls the DEA and awaits his arrest in the bar. But wait, there is still a bit of the hubris left that caused Walt to become Heisenberg in the first place.

As Walt has his final drink, he watches the bar’s television and sees his former partners at Gray Matter  in an interview with Charlie Rose. Upon hearing that his former partners give him zero credit for creating the company, Walt reconsiders his resolution to give up, and the last shot of the episode shows the police enter the bar, and pass by Walt’s empty whiskey glass.

I loved that the writers of the show let us see that old Heisenberg spark that we’ve come to know and love in Walt. The eyebrow raising, the teeth clinching, the hand making a fist. These are the signs of Walt entering his alter ego. Walt just can’t help himself when he thinks he isn’t getting proper credit for his work. Whether it is leaving a copy of  “Leaves of Grass”  in his bathroom for Hank to find, or wearing the Heisenberg hat out in public, Walt just can’t seem to help himself.

What will the last episode of Breaking Bad hold for Walt, Jesse, Skylar, and the other characters that we have all come to know and love…or hate? Whatever the finale brings, I am sure that Vince Gilligan will once again take us on the ride of our lives. Prepare yourselves for 75 minutes of emotional ups and downs as we watch the final chapter in the Walter White saga. And remember, Lightly Buzzed will be here to help you get through it all. See  you next week!


Buzzy says “I just can’t believe that a show about Meth isn’t set in Meridian Mississippi.”


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