An Open Letter to Fans Who Tweet Players

Dear misguided fans,

We’ve all been there before; broken-hearted, dejected, lost. Your team just lost a game, and you find yourself in an ever-enveloping black abyss. You begin to feel the anger rising, your rage is at an all time high and you just cannot keep it contained.

What do you do?

Sadly, you’ve turned to social media and the escape of a hate filled rant directed at your team’s players. Calling them names, pointing out every mistake they made on the field, while you sat in the air conditioned comfort of your home. You make wild accusations about them cheating, and obviously point shaving, because how or why else would your team lose? You use all of your considerable skills and vast wealth of knowledge of the internet to dig up little know facts about the player who is the target of your malevolent vitriol. You begin to make memes depicting the player’s mom in compromising positions. Before you know it, you’ve spent most of your evening egregiously destroying this poor young man, who’s only crime was to lose a football game.


Now, if you are in the majority of adults who find this behavior reprehensible, then this letter is not intended for you, but by all means continue to read on. If you yourself are a “Player Tweeter” or you know of someone who partakes in such ridiculous activities, then please pay close attention, as this is intended directly for you. I’m going to talk to you for a moment.

NCAA Student Athletes generally range in age from 18 to 21, while you are more than likely age 40+. It is beyond creepy and sketchy that you use these young people as an outlet for your rage. If the only way for you to feel better about a loss…OF A GAME…is to verbally abuse a young person, then you sir, or madam need professional help. My suggestion for you, is to delete any and all social media from your phone/tablet/computer, find a therapist near you, and seek the guidance of a “higher power”.

All the best,



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