Ole Miss A Two Minute History

Have you ever wanted to know more about the traditions and history of your rival NCAA schools?  Well you are in luck, because Lightly Buzzed has created a cartoon series exploring that very subject.

At Lightly Buzzed we value knowledge over all else, however we also have an attention span that rivals the cooking time of a Hot Pocket. So we will boil down all the important facts about a school into a morsel easier to digest than that Hot Pocket. Now I want a Hot Pocket.

This week we explore the rich traditions of Ole Miss, the non bed-sheet with eye holes wearing ones anyway.  Did you know that Colonel Reb was based on Colonel Sanders? That’s probably not true, but you won’t find out unless you watch.

Whats that? You don’t go in for college football, you are strictly an NFL fan?  Well watch this anyway and check back on Sunday morning for your NFL team history cartoon of the week.


Buzzy says “I enjoy chicken fingers served on a sliver tray.”

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