Reddit Review - An Introduction

redditI can see you now, pondering on life and its nature and suddenly, you NEED to know: What, exactly, is Well, it’s lucky I happened by, as I am here to fill you in on its basics.  I will bring you the best bits I can scour from its’ depths. Reddit is, according to its own FAQ, “a source for what’s new and popular on the web”. Which may be the understatement of the year. Reddit almost dictates single-handedly what trickles down to the rest of the social media world.  It’s where those post you eventually see on your Facebook or Twitter appear first.

I have a few pointers and suggestions for you if you decide to delve into the world of Reddit, and become a Redditor:

First you should understand the format you’ll be navigating. The front page of Reddit is a hallowed spot reserved for the highest rated stories and links. If you are not a registered user, this page will have a mish-mash of the most popular subreddits, with interests ranging from “todayilearned” to “food” to even “explainlikeimfive”. There are always the perennial favorites that are relatively safe for work like “funny”, “pics” and “politics”. If you become a registered user, you may find yourself subscribing to subreddits that deal more with your specific interests: “gaming”, “Homebrewing”, “Paleo”, and a personal favorite “RedditLaqueristas”.

Just as Facebook runs on likes, Reddit runs on karma. Karma is gained through linking posts to subreddits, and also by commenting on posts left by others. Be warned however, above all, Reddit is an internet forum and the anonymity provided by that can leave you at the mercy of other Redditors. The dreaded downvote awaits us all, and one misunderstood comment will leave the scent of blood in the water and your mangled ego floating lifeless in the chum. My best recommendation is don’t try to fight that battle, or you will probably see your internet slapfight end up on /r/SubredditDrama. Just apologize, or delete, and move on.

To set you right, you should know a few abbreviations:

OP: Original Poster – The originator of the initial link.

SFW: Safe for Work

NSFW: NOT Safe for Work – view at own personal discretion!

/r/: How every subreddit should be referred to in a post, i.e. if you like this, you should visit /r/gaming.

IIRC: If I Recall Correctly

ITT: In This Thread

FTFY: Fixed That for You

AMA/AMAA: Ask Me (Almost) Anything – Used for titles for threads created by people that we really want to know about, or ask questions to. AMA’s have included Peter Mayhew, Robin Williams and a crime scene cleaner.

I’m sure there are some that are missing, but if you feel like you are just really not getting the joke, there is help ahead: /r/OutOfTheLoop. Just do a quick search and I am sure there is an answer out there for you, to bring you back from inside joke limbo.

 For any subreddit you visit, please be sure to read the right side of the page (the sidebar), and pay close attention to the rules of that particular subreddit, as all are moderated and most have the swift banhammer of justice. Reddiquette is very important, and ignoring it puts you up in the douchey – doucherton category.



By now you may have realized that there is anything and everything available to subscribe to on Reddit. I mean EVERYTHING. Subreddits like /r/WTF, /r/SpaceDicks, /r/FiftyFifty and /r/ClopClop should only be viewed if you are in a place where no one will yell at you for seeing it, you have a great therapist, you are over 18, or are a really, REALLY devoted Brony. Seriously guys, /r/ClopClop is weird. _

Time for my pick of the week: This week is the much awaited finale to the Emmy Award winning show ‘Breaking Bad’, so check out /r/breakingbad for all the official discussion, speculation and cast/crew AMAs.

Next time we’ll take a look at enhancing your Reddit experience and what some of the best of the best and the best of the worst has included.



Buzzy says “OK, now who wants to explain 4chan?”




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