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David the Gnome is one of the classics of my childhood.

The story is that David is a gnome who lives in the forest and is a veterinarian of sorts for the animals there.  David the Gnome is a nice cartoon with a good story and some humor, but it isn’t wild and crazy like most cartoons today.

Here are a few episodes of David the Gnome with a surprise at the end.

Those are awesome. David the Gnome is just a nice sweet cartoon right? Just something fun and kind for kids right? Well, here is the last scene of the last episode of David the Gnome.

What the heck, I mean what in the living heck? David the Gnome DIES?

My first reaction to this episode, which I don’t think I ever saw as a child, was shock and horror. If I did see this episode my mind must have blocked it out like a Vietnam flashback.

But after thinking about it, why not? Why not show kids that everything comes to an end and that’s ok?

Can you imagine a cartoon today trying to take on a subject like this? Sponge Bob gets picked up by a diver and his remains clean a toilet. Pickachu gets rabies and has to be put down. No way a cartoon would have the guts for this today.

Good job David the Gnome, even after all these years you are still impressing me.


Buzzy says “I’m not crying, I have something in my eye.”

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