Breaking Bad: How Reddit is Dealing With Its End

Photo Sep 29, 8 45 16 PMLast Reddit report I mentioned that the series finale to the Emmy Award – winning Breaking Bad is happening tonight.  This show has taken its viewers on a ride like most of us have never seen on television.  From Walter White’s innocuous beginning as a dying chemistry teacher just trying to keep his family protected financially, to the “Heisenberg Stare”™ that lets you know that the shiz is going to hit the fan at anytime, we have been on tenterhooks throughout these five seasons.

From the looks of it, that is not going to stop anytime soon.  Traveling on over to /r/breakingbad , the posts this season, have been for the most part, a fairly continuous stream of episode discussion and predictions.  Today the posts have ranged from a diorama made by a friend of Redditor  jwpp4483,(photo credit – Instagram @danasfour) to hours-long prep for a Breaking Bad watch party by zaffod91.   It’s clear from the number of posts dealing with things other than the actual ending of the show, that we fans are procrastinating about dealing with the end of one of the best dramas the last decade has seen.


Starting tonight at 9PM/8 Central, don’t be offended if some of your friends totally disappear, we are all just using coping mechanisms to steel ourselves against what end Walter White is coming to. We are all hoping for the best, but like Mr. White, we should prepare for the worst. Until next time, you can always find consolation with your brethren at /r/breakingbad, or if it’s just too much,  distract yourself at /r/aww.

You can’t be upset and look at this goat.  Just try it.


See?  Not possible.


Buzzy says “I don’t know why everyone is so upset with the sequel Breaking Buzzy set to launch soon.”

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