Breaking Bad Finale, The End


“I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it, and I was really . . . I was alive.”

If you haven’t seen the last episode yet, don’t read this! SPOILERS!

The most anticipated series finale in the history of television has come and gone, and we are just now catching our breath. Did the finale live up to your expectations? How did you predict the show would end? We want to hear from you in the comments below. But for now, let’s jump right in to the final episode of Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan has offered unto us, the fans, a beautiful masterpiece of violence and heartbreak, born of a finality from which there can be no misconception or misunderstanding of the outcome; this is the end. Unlike many other series finales that have come before it, Breaking Bad left us with zero questions hanging in the twisting ether of lost television series and forgotten stories. Vince Gilligan delivered on his promise of wrapping up every character’s story arch, and we are wholly satisfied.

“Just get me home and I’ll do the rest”

Tonight’s episode, entitled “Felina”, opens with Walt attempting to steal a car in hopes of getting back home. We see a withered, broken Walt, as he makes his way to New Mexico to confront his former friends, Elliot and Gretchen Schwartz, and convinces them to get the rest of his fortune, 9 million dollars, to his son on his 18th birthday. Everything about Walt’s demeanor is so bad ass, as he casually stroll into their house and demands in a low, gritty voice that they do his bidding. We also get to see fan favorites, Badger and Skinny Pete, as they do one last job for Heisenberg.

“It is finished”

In a truly heartbreaking moment, Walt sneaks into Skyler’s run down apartment and finally admits to her that he did not do this all for his family, as was his mantra the entire time, but in fact he had done it all for himself. Walt asks to see baby Holly once more, before he leaves, and we see Skyler look at Walt, as he is caressing baby Holly’s sleeping face,  with the love that she used to feel for the father of her children; the man she married. Walt leaves, and hides so he can see Flynn from afar, watching his son one last time.

“I need this I’m broke…”

Walt has other business to attend to, and meets Lydia and Todd in a cafe that Lydia frequents every Tuesday morning. We finally get to see why Walt went back to his old house to retrieve the risen poison from the wall socket, as he cleverly substitutes Lydia’s artificial sweetener with the powdered poison, thus eliminating Lydia and the threat she posed to his family and legacy. Walt convinces Todd to let him meet his uncle Jack, claiming he has a new method for making the blue meth. This opens the door for Walt to exact revenge on Uncle Jack and the Aryans for killing Hank…but how will he do it?

breakinga10f-9-webMany people questioned how Walt, a frail, sick and dying man would be able to wield an M-60 machine gun, all the while single handedly taking out about ten Aryans in the process. As we should have learned from season 1, Heisenberg always has a plan! Walt builds a battery operated turret and places the gun in the trunk of his car, which is set off by a remote key chain. It was very refreshing to see Walt doing what Walt always does and build a solution to his problem, all he while humming a nice little tune.

Walt drives into the Aryan compound, where they take him to their club house and tell him that they are going to kill him. Through some back and forth, Walt convinces Uncle Jack to bring Jesse so he can see him. Walt tackles Jesse and presses the remote, activating the M-60 as it mows down the Aryans. We see Walt pick up Uncle jack’s gun and point it at his head, but Jack wants to make a deal, he will tell Walt where the 80 million dollars is, if Walt lets him live. Walt promptly puts a bullet in his brain, thus ending any speculation as to why he wanted to go back to the Aryan compound in the first place.

“Say the words!”

“I want you to do it”

After Walt puts a bullet in Uncle Jack’s brain, he drops the gun and slides it toward Jesse, who has just choked the life from Todd. Jesse retrieves the gun and points it at Walt, Walt tells him to do it, but Jesse sees that Walt has suffered a gun shot from the M-60 and tells Walt to do it himself. The last we see of Jesse Pinkman, is him driving away from the compound, laughing and crying hysterically.

With Police car sirens in the background, Walt stumbles into the meth lab the Aryans had Jesse working in. He seems to fondly caress the equipment as he looks around the lab. In one of the most beautiful, artistically done camera shots, we see Walt’s reflection in the shiny surface of a container, his hand propping him up. Slowly the hand slips away and Walt falls to the ground. Walter White is dead, and he died with a smile on his face.

“You will remember my name”

breaking-bad-walterwallpaper-3Actor Brian Cranston masterfully portrayed a meek, mild-mannered, mousey school teacher that everyone kicked around and laughed at, and turned him into one of the most notorious villains to ever grace the television screen. Not since Vick Mackey from The Shield, has there been a more polarizing anti-hero than Walter White. Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan made it okay to cheer for a drug dealer, and I’m okay with that.

Whether you hated, loved, or hated to love Walter White, one thing is for sure, you will never forget him. Breaking Bad has made it’s mark on our society, and has earned it’s place in the pantheon of the greatest television shows ever. We will miss you Breaking Bad, and we will remember the name Heisenberg forever.


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