Former Jaguars GM Gene Smith's Fantasy Plays Of The Week


Gene Smith was the mastermind behind so many Jaguars drafts.  His crowing glory and most memorable move was when he dared to take a punter in the 3rd round of the NFL Draft.  Truly this man is a visionary, and now that he has so much free time, he wants to share that vision with you.  Don’t blame us if you can’t see the victory in this vision of fantasy football greatness.

 QB - This is a totally overrated position, but I guess I would have to play Ben Roethlisberger.  Sure it’s Big Ben’s bye week, but what you half to realize is that you need to commit to a QB and then continue to play them no mater what.  Even if the QB is terrible, keep playing them, for years if need be.  This is the way to greatness.

RB 1 - Another totally overrated position.  Peyton Hillis is the way to go, he has that wow factor. Even though he hasn’t actually been picked up by a team, I fully expect him to be by Sunday.

RB 2 - OVERRATED POSITION, but I got Forrest Gump, that guy is so fast.

WR 1 - So overrated, I play Tyron Carrier of the Montreal Alouettes.  At 5 foot 8 inches tall he is exactly the size guy I look for in a wide receiver.

WR 2 –  Obviously this is an overrated position, but you can turn it to your advantage by making a big special teams play.  Brian Anger, Punter, Jacksonville Jaguars.

TE - Tony Gonzales is the only TE I know.  This position is totally overrated anyway.

FLEX –  Let’s flex the overrated out of this overrated spot… Matt Harvey.  I know he’s having Tommy John surgery but that guy can pitch.


DEFENSE - There’s only one choice here, play the New York Titans.

Look these guys are winners, I know what I’m doing, you’re going to be thanking me in a few years.


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