NFL Week 5 Recap, Written By A Depressed Jags Fan

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Jaguars at Rams

If you rip the band-aid off quickly it hurts less, right?  These tears can’t last forever, right?

Jacksonville will win a game this year, right?  Jacksonville is a terrible mistress, she gets you all excited, HOLY COW WE SCORED ON A PASS PLAY! She allows you to feel a strange feeling you are unaccustomed too.  Something happens with your mouth, the corners turn upward, you begin to show teeth.  You may make the spontaneous sounds and movements of the face and body that are the instinctive expressions of lively amusement, this is called “laughter” I think.  The Jaguars had the lead at the end of the third.  THE LEAD. DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I JUST SAID?  THE JAGUARS HAD A LEAD.  I found myself thinking a ludicrous thought, “maybe this is the game we win?”

And that’s when it happens, the Jaguars Jaguar.  Oh Blaine Gabbert, you make me pine for Byron Leftwich. Blaine started throwing picks, we started fumbling, and then… tragedy. Luke Joeckel, our beloved #2 pick in this years draft, broke his ankle.  WHY FOOTBALL GODS? WHY DO YOU HATE ME SO?

The Jags went on to make Sam Bradford look like a real live boy.  St. Louis crushed us.  We are going to do it guys, we are going to have the perfect season of losses, 0-16.  No draft pick is worth this.

Chiefs at Titans

Like a lot of Jags fans I pick a #2 team each year.  It’s kind of like a blood transfusion that keeps my wounded and bleeding out football fandom from flat lining for another year.  Guess what Chiefs fans? Tag, you’re it.  The Chiefs give me hope that teams can turn around, while at the same time making me cry inside because it will never, never, never happen in Jacksonville.

The Chiefs played the Titans this week and HAHAHAHA TITANS I HATE YOU!  Fork you Moises Fokou, thanks for setting up the go ahead score.  Watching the Titans lose is always fun, but watching them screw up their own comeback is priceless.  Seriously what was going through Fokou’s mind?

“Looks like Alex Smith is headed out of bounds, it is third down, and the game is on the line.  BUT I’M AN AWESOME BAD ASS WATCH THIS! DEEEEERRRRRRRPPPPPPPPP!”

The Chiefs have the Raiders, Texans, Browns, and Bills next on the schedule.   On second thought they may have too good of a thing going.  Success  makes me twitchy.

Seahawks at Colts

GAH, I HATE THE COLTS.  Seahawks, I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed. How do you let the Colts score 11 unanswered points in the 4th quarter.  HOW DOES ANYONE SCORE 11 POINTS?  You birds of prey that live exclusively on fish are many peoples prediction to go to the Super Bowl.  If you want to go to the Super Bowl you have to win the big games; and more importantly, you have to win the games I really want you to win.

Don’t give me that it should have been a touchdown not a safety crap.  Don’t put yourself in a position where the zebras can steal a game from you.  Do you know how badly I wish Jacksonville would play a game close enough that the zebras could screw us?  I would celebrate that loss like Christmas, Halloween, and the 4th of July had a baby. GAH!

Eagles at Giants

Wow Eli, that is just a special kind of bad.  TIME FOR A BOLD PREDICTION:

Tom Coughlin gets fired from New York and returns to Jacksonville to pursue his dream of becoming a surf instructor.  Eli Manning, needing a change himself, follows him and they share an apartment over a bar.  This becomes the basis for a new CBS sitcom “Surf and Turf” starring Ian McKellen as Coughlin and Justin Bieber as Manning.


But don’t get too cocky there Eagles fans.  Beating the G-men this year is like beating the shortest Ewok in the village.  Next on the schedule you have… Tampa Bay.  OK Tampa is like a short Ewok with a traumatic brain injury.  But then you have to play… The Cowboys.  Tony Romo is more of a one legged Tauntaun than an Ewok. Three weeks from now though, it gets serious with… the Giants again.  You know what Eagles fans? You get a breather, good for you.

Broncos at Cowboys

I was going to try to be different from the rest of the media and really critique Peyton Manning’s performance, but I just keep getting lost in his eyes.  Dang, you is dreamy Peyton, just take me away to Kokomo.  The Broncos are good and in 9 months they are going to have the baby of every member of the sports media.

Wouldn’t it be easier if the Cowboys just officially changed their name to “never quite good enough to win the important ones.”  I know it doesn’t have the same ring to it as Cowboys, but it sure is a lot more descriptive isn’t it? You’re America’s AWWWWWWWW.

Well I have to go have breakfast now, or as my physician calls it “a heavy does of mood stabilizers.” Football is fun right?







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