Is Gus Malzhan Auburn's Batman?

***Disclaimer:  I live in Alabama, but I am not an Auburn fan.  I’ll leave my real allegiance to your interpretation. ***

Auburn fans may not be giddy about beating Ole Miss, but they certainly are thrilled with their first year coach.  They believe that Gus is a knight riding in on his steed to save the damsel in distress from the horrible, Charger buying, Ttown Menswear shopping, agent paying Dragon, whose name shall not be spoken.  (But if it was, it would be Saban.)  To put a fresh modern spin on this story, Auburn fans may see Gus not as a regular knight, but a dark knight.  Maybe even THE Dark Knight.

The only problem is Auburn thought their last coach was as slick as Batman too.  And maybe he was.  Chizik probably is very much like Batman, played by Val Kilmer.  Fans of both franchises will look back 10 or 20 years from now and groan with a collective, “WTH!”  In fact, what we have now is Robin, aka Gus, rising from the ashes to take the reins.  Who knew that a coach could do so little, beating teams that he should beat, to make a fanbase so happy.  I refuse to listen to anyone who wants to tout a victory against a traveling school from Mississippi.  I fully expect Christian Bale to be invited to a pylon naming ceremony for Auburn’s new caped crusader.

Gus has some tougher villains as the season moves along.  The glee of being 4-1, or even 5-1 we can give them a W over the Catamounts right?, through the first half of season will fade as they end up 2-4 through the second half or worse.  This fanbase needs to clearly define success and stick to it.  Going 0-3 right before the credits roll will make it hard to keep folks excited about the sequel.

Well, Bale never had to deal with Adam West, the pants dropper sponsored by Craneworks, looking over his shoulder.  So unless Gus can go into his Bat Cave, or bunker, and come out with another once in a lifetime recruit, the reality is that what Auburn fans think is Christian Bale may really turn into Michael Keaton or, heaven forbid, George Clooney.



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