FOOBS, A Breast Cancer Fundraiser Like No Other


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October is Breast Cancer awareness month.  You must have noticed all the NFL players sporting pink towels, sweat bands, even the refs are using pink flags.

But what can you do? You’re just one man at his computer. Well, I’ll tell you what you can do, you can join FOOBS.  FOOBS is the Friends of Boobs Society.  As a member of FOOBS you will be letting the world know that when it comes to boobs, you don’t play around.

Membership in the FOOBS Society comes with many amazing benefits:

  • You will receive a beautiful hand crafted FOOBS society membership certificate sent directly to your email.
  • The first 300ish members will receive one of these official  FOOBS bracelets inscribed with our inspiring motto: “I love boobs.”


  • The respect of men and the adoration of women.
  • The three members who donate the most to FOOBS will receive their own FOOBS emblem and title within our grand society.
  • Our top donating member will receive a piece of commissioned art from the Bandit Ref  (The guy who does all the art on this site) himself.  I will create anything you want.  Did you always want a painting of Nick Saban and Bear Bryant riding a unicorn into battle with velociraptors? It can be yours.

So how do you join the FOOBS society?

Simply visit and make a donation of at least 5 dollars.  After you make your donation you will receive an email from us with further instructions.  All proceeds go directly to the National Breast Cancer Foundation an organization providing early detection and education to women.

The Grand FOOB Race

FOOBS isn’t just a club, it’s a competition.  FOOBS will be tracking which SEC school donates the most money to our campaign.  So be sure to tell us which SEC school you represent in the comment section of your donation!  Check back starting tomorrow to see the race under way!


You can check back to all month for updates on the FOOBS, or you can follow @SabanSays and @BanditRef on twitter.  Has breast cancer touched your life? Email us your story at [email protected] and we might feature it this month.

FOOBS is brought to you by and @SabanSays.

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