YouTube Marketing, Carrie Goes For Coffee

If you haven’t seen the YouTube video about the coffee shop prank in NYC, then you need to catch up on it.  As of 10/9 it had over 15 million views.  This video is very cool, in that it has a bunch of special effects and the actors did a good job recreating the same scene from take to take.  Its is amazing how far we have come from cheesy green screens and that productions can still do live action effects without always relying on CGI.  Ultimately, this is a commercial and a pretty creative one.  The video is promoting Carrie, or a remake of Carrie, which was first a Stephen King novel.

Coming from the South, we bought into the urban legend that New Yorkers were tough, cynical, and jaded.  However, the crew was able to find a few people that appeared to believe this was real.  I may be jaded enough, myself, to believe that everything was a production.  Even the “prank” part.  The Jeff Gordon “Test Drive” received that kind of skepticism as well.

But taken for what it is, a staged movie promotion, its entertaining and interesting.  That in and of itself, is very hard to pull off.  I mean we are in a world of nude demolition equipment riding, so any attempt for commercial attention that keeps their panties on should be applauded.

In case you were wondering where in the hell people got the idea for using pranks, most of us remember Ashton Kutcher on MTV’s Punk’d or even older people remember Dick Clark and Ed McMahon having a show called TV’s Bloopers and Practical Jokes. But the original pranking TV show was Candid Camera.

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