Kanye West Tries Some DIY Rep Improvement

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So Kanye West, the Cher of our generation, went on Jimmy Kimmel’s show last night to have an interview mostly about the Twitter fight, aka slap fight, they had last month.  Here is the interview and I’m includingmy notations in as close to Mystery Science 3000 style as I can.

00:13  Jimmy is setting the stage by declaring who owns this house.

1:00 By Kanye’s expression and my own judgement about Kanye’s cultural experiences, he has ZERO idea who Ralph Kramdon is.  I bet Jimmy was really trying to refer to Ed Norton since he was the garbageman.

1:10 Here is the backstory of the whole argument.

2:53 Jimmy is playing Kayne.  He said we aren’t trying to say you [Kanye] were a child. Kanye’s tweets told everyone he is a child.

3:30 Kayne said he has never performed a publicity stunt.  I guess he’s right.  Taylor Swift just calls it crazy.

4:50 Kanye: I got your phone number so now you get to represent all the white folks trying to keep me down.  Get ready Tina, cause Ike is about to mess you up!”

6:12 Jimmy: Hey Kanye, reach down there and get your panties out of your ass.

6:52 Kanye:  puppet

8:00 Kanye: I don’t know how to throw a temper tantrum and look hardcore at the same time.  That’s frustrates me, but I’m a genius.  So I’ll figure it out.

8:49 He spent 2 whole paychecks on a single pair of shoes?!  And HE is the one that wonders why people question his judgement?

9:42 So Kanye, a millionaire, is trying to say that he is a downtrodden figure?  Jimmy Kimmel is in 3rd place on shows that don’t start until almost midnight.  I’m not sure what power Jimmy has over Kanye’s life.  In the words of Rick James, “Cocaine is a helluva drug!”

10:48 Yep, the two things that LA is full of, fake breasts and fake humility.  I think that’s really why so many people compare LA to Sodom, its because of the all the false humility.

11:09 Kanye, your dumpster fire is big enough.  You really don’t have enough time or psychotropic drugs to try to put Kim’s out too.

00:01 The whole Josh Groban bit is awesome.

1:48 Jimmy: Do you really have a sense of humor at all?

3:30 That’s right Kanye, you have “media” right where you want them. They can’t stand all the money they are making off you. You’re winning!

5:30 Kanye is why all parents, who have their own little precious snowflake, should really question what the hell they are doing to their kids.

7:06 This conversation couldn’t pertain to less people, than if he started talking about the Higgs boson or particles traveling faster than the speed of light.  Which really could happen.

7:30 Everyone looks at you like your crazy, just like everyone goes to the zoo and looks at the elephant like its an elephant.

9:36 Kanye: I’m Spartacus!

12:15 Kayne: I’m mad that folks won’t let me in the highest circles in business or society, but Imma gonna keep real!!!

Can you imagine what Kanye would do if he were on meth?

Final thoughts: This was a 20 minute Kanye commercial.  I like the passion, but I don’t understand the entitlement.

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