Ylvis, The Fox Say?

So my son pulls up this video yesterday that had more hits on it than Rhianna after a Saturday with Chris Brown.    I only started paying attention to it a quarter of the way through and didn’t make through the whole thing.  Ylvis is apparently a Norwegian duo of brothers who have rejected their traditional lifestyle of modular furniture and odd sweaters.  I now see that Jimmy Fallon has had Ylvis on to perform the “song”, so I’m taking the hit for you my readers.  I’m cranking out my annotations as I sit through this one final time.

0:20 We have already hit our first cultural difference.  This has to be the most screwed up See N Say that I have every seen. (Who the hell thinks an elephant sound is “toot”.)

0:49 Your first guess at a fox sound appears to be heavily influenced by Robert Palmer.     robertpalmer

1:04 This kid could not be more uncomfortable even if pops were a known sex offender.

1:34 I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with this level of animal admiration.  Maybe Auburn or Miss St. fans can feel the love here, but its a little much for me.

1:44 I understand that there’s not much that rhymes with horse, but you’re not reaching your target demographic by using a communication method that was made obsolete in 1876.samuel_morse_telegraph

2:00 Maybe shouting will help me understand you better.

2:24 I hope this kid refuses that Werther’s Original from pops.  I think its really ecstasy.

3:23 Maybe the Tootsie Roll Owl can give these guys a hint on their next hit of LSD?







So here you are, almost 4 more minutes gone from your life watching something that can only be described as a love child between Wierd Al and Lady Gaga.  I am left with the same question you have, where did we go wrong as a society.



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