The Lightly Buzzed Podcast Episode 001, Marvel’s Agents of Shield and Star Wars

Here we go with the new Lightly Buzzed Podcast.  In this episode we talk Marvel’s Agents Shield and how Robin from How I Met Your Mother is moonlighting as a secret agent.  We delve into theories about who Agent Coulson really is, and we proclaim him to be the Avengers’ Boba Fett.  Plus Razor is excited about the new Star Wars movie, and I am just trying not to think about it.  The Lightly Buzzed Podcast, It’s like birthday cake for your ears.

The Lightly Buzzed Podcast 001


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  • CrimsonWombat

    Great podcast, guys. The whole Agent Coulson is a robot thing really sent chills down my spine. If he is a robot, I just hope he is not working for Ultron.

  • Big Al’s Gator City

    I see Coulson as the anti Xavier, meaning the agents of SHIELD “boss” without special powers. He has too many statements that could be looked at anti-tech. Lola for example.