College Football Playoff Selection Committee aka Agents of Shield

Now that everyone is making all the noise about who is on the committee, which I told you would happen last week, lets talk about how this committee will work.  Their first and most important job is to be an agent of shield. Not the cool new TV show.  More like a human shield.  This group of 13 people will take all the heat that the BCS took. The same shyster, Bill Hancock, still represents the same group of conference commissioners.  Now, he has 13 new targets for people to  aim at.  This committee will come up with the participants for the new 4 team playoff next year.

How will they do that?  Good question.  No one really seems to know.  What we are supposed to do is be dazzled by the personalities on the committee.  More time is wasted on one particular member instead of finding out what the methodology will be.  Here is what we heard at the press conference.  The committee will look at strength of schedule, head to head, record, conference championships, and injuries (whatever that means).  There is no formula or polling that shows anyone how this committee will get to a decision.  We are just supposed to trust them.  According to the Bill Hancock, the real life governor from The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, the committee will release a poll every other week after about half way through the season.  That comes out to about 4 polls.  Roll the video.

When Hancock was asked what they used to find committee members, his favorite buzzword was integrity.  What he left out was something I was looking for as a fan, accountability.  We will not see how individual members vote.  In fact, Hancock could not give specifics when asked how transparent the process will be.  He loves to dance a little sidestep.

Well, I sure do feel better!

We are giving up a system of polls and computers, that while imperfect, did a pretty good job.  It was also at least predictable.  The 2 human polls that were used had some measure of accountability and way more than what we will have.  I can’t see this as anything else than a step back.  So quit following the bouncing ball and pull back the curtain. bouncigball There are real questions to be answered and the media has very little incentive to figure it out.  We still have more blog posts to read where witty comments can be made about Pat Dye, dirt, women’s lib, and integrity.  I saw one national media praise Jeff Long, the AD at Arkansas (obviously someone who knows excellence), for having the integrity to fire Bobby Petrino.  Did Jeff Long have the same amount of integrity when he hired Petrino?

Lastly, the media and Hancock loves to point out how well a committee does in selecting the NCAA basketball bracket.  Really?  We are supposed to swallow that? What does picking a 68 team basketball bracket have anything to do with a 4 team college football playoff?  According to this Sporting News post, number 1 seeds, only get to the championship game 48% of the time, a number 1 does win the whole thing about 61% of the time.  But, I’m not sure if that makes me feel any better.  That means the Men’s basketball committee, that Hancock praises, can only pick the top 4 teams in basketball about half the time.  That’s what the CFB playoff committee is doing.  They are picking the equivalent of the 1’s in the basketball tournament.

So go ahead and get mad.  That may be just want the BCS conferences want you to do.  Then, they can answer the outcry from the masses.  They will give us the 8 team playoff we deserve.  We lived with the BCS for so long, what’s a few more years of incompetence.  Maybe by then we will have the new NCAA division and Total Cost of Attendance scholarships and flying cars and trunk monkeys.

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