FOOBS Update, Fight Breast Cancer

Photo Oct 09, 10 48 45 AM

The FOOBS society ranks continue to grow with many a FOOB rallying to the FOOB cause.

Wait, you don’t know what FOOBS is? Where have you been little grasshopper?  FOOBS is the greatest club ever assembled. A group of super heroes out not to save the world, but to save something much more important, the boobs.

FOOBS stands for friends of boobs and we are out to stop the evil life destroyer that is breast cancer.  FOOBS members are basically just like the Avengers, they just have a cooler cause.

So far FOOBS has raised $425 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, it’s a nice start, but we can do better.  I challenge you to help us get to $500 by the end of the day, and $1000 by the end of the weekend.

I am throwing down the pink gauntlet and challenging you to pick it up.  So how do you get involved? Check out all the FOOBS info here:

Another great way to help is to share this page or the main FOOB page on your Twitter or Facebook.  Be sure to use the #FOOB hashtag.



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