UFC 166 Picks - Cain Velasquez vs. Junior Dos Santos

So we’ve got a pretty stacked card coming up for UFC 166. Not to mention we run the spectrum from the Heavyweight Fatties to the little Kid 135’ers. Even got some girls on the card, so it should make for an exciting night of fights.  If you are looking for more serious commentary on the fight, I suggest you look to our own Junior Zuniga. Who did a great write-up on the main card.

 Preliminary Card:


George “I’m so Greek no one can spell my name” Sotiropoulos (sp?)


KJ “I’ll probably be cut no matter what” Noons

Both of these guys have lost 3 in a row so the loser here will probably be cut. In fact, the winner may be cut also and they should because both of these guys are terrible.

I don’t care either way  but I love olives so I’m picking Sotrioppppoulouseses by boredom in the 3rd.

Women’s Bantamweight

Sarah “Gotta have the H” Kaufman


Jessica “Evil” Eye (no seriously, thats her for-real nickname)

Helllloooo Ladies.  Both of these lovely ladies are making their UFC debuts. Sarah is coming from Strikeforce and Jessica from Bellator. I’ve never seen either one of them fight. But I am REALLY looking forward to it. Who doesnt love a good cat fight? I do know that Wikipedia says Sarah was a strikeforce champ (defended the belt against Roxy Modaferri who is on the current season of TUF) and Jessica is on like a 7 fight win streak (less impressive when you see her opponents and that almost all were decisions).

So normally in this case I would go with the uglier of the two, but that’s sexist, so I’ll make up another reason.   I’m gonna go with Kaufmann. 135 is her normal weight class and Jessica is normally 125. Bigger = Better so I have Kaufmann by Decision.


Nate “The used to be great but lately I’ve been mediocre” Marquardt


Hector “Don’t call me ector” Lombard

Now this has the potential to be a good fight.  Nate Marquardt made the drop to Welterweight and looked good in his first fight with a knockout of Tyron Woodley. Then he dropped 2 in a row so this is a must win for Nate the Great. Hector lost his last fight as well, to Yushin Okami (you know, the guy who was released cause he sucks?)

So who’s gonna win? Well I like Nate because of this:


But I still think Lombard is going to win by Decision because he is from CUBA and I love their sandwiches. Nothing better than a hott Cuban.


Tim Boetsch


C.B. Dollaway

Last fight on the prelim card, so that means is gonna be the best right? Don’t bet on it. Both CB and Tim are wrestlers so that’s going to make for some great “clinch” game up against the fence. Both of these guys have won by decision in  4 of their last 5 wins.  So how to pick a winner? Whoever has the most cauliflower ear.

I got Dollaway by Split decision.  But let’s be honest, no one wins with this fight. This time is best used getting more wings, beer, and taking a restroom break. Maybe even do some light stretching or yoga. But not the gay yoga – only manly yoga like this http://www.ddpyoga.com/



John Dodson


Darrell Montague

Now we are on to the main card and some good fights. The midgets little people take stage at 125lbs and John Dodson is looking to impress since his decision loss to the Champ Demetrious Johnson. I’ve got Dodson winning the fight by a mile – assuming he brings his ID and can get in the place. They are pretty strict about children in and around the octagon. This is Darrell’s UFC debut and I’ve never even heard of the promotion he was fighting for before this. Popularity counts sometimes and Darrell is going to pay the price. If  only he had been voted most likely to succeed in high-school instead of most likely to get turned away from a carnival ride.

I got Dodson by Total Obliteration in the 1st. I mean, how can you not? He’s so gosh darn cute!



Gabriel Inglesias Gonzaga


Shawn John Jordan

This has the potential to be fight of the night right here.  Shawn Jordan is an up and comer in the fatty heavy weight division, recently getting knockout of the night against Pat “HD” Barry and Gabriel has never won by decision. I will repeat that. Gabriel Gonzaga has never won by decision. Every win has been a finish. In fact, he only has 1 decision in his 19 fight career which was a loss back in 2010. This guy comes to bang and Shawn Jordan is no different. In Jordan’s 19 fights only 3 have ended in decision (2 loss, 1 win). The only thing that concerns me are their stamina. I mean these fatties get gassed pretty easily. I just hope it doesn’t turn into two sweaty dudes laying on top of each other. Not that theres anything wrong with that.

I don’t really care who wins as long as these 2 large pieces of man meat get in the cage ready to bang (That sounded worse than it should have). I’ve got Shawn Jordan by TKO in the 2nd.


Gilbert Melendez


Diego Sanchez

Since Frankie Edgar lost I haven’t been too invested in the Lightweight Division but this match should be pretty good. Melendez almost won the title in his last fight (split decision) again the freak athlete that is Benson Henderson and Diego has been awarded Fight of the Night honors in 5 of his last 8 fights.

Diego had trouble making weight in his last fight and I think he is having unsubstantiated girlfriend probably. Melendez will be too much for him because his mind will be somewhere else, trying to think of excuses to get out of whatever he did. Melendez by Decision. That is, Diego’s decision to leave before the 3rd round and go buy flowers for his girl.


Daniel Cormier


Roy Nelson

This is by far my most anticipated fight of the night. Big Country vs. That guy from Strikeforce who held Frank Mir against the cage for 3 rounds.  Don’t get me wrong, Cormier is well rounded fighter but he’s french. Also, Roy Nelson has that one-punch-decapitation power. Both of these guys are trying to slim down to go to light heavy weight so it should be a decent fight as long as Cormier doesn’t try to hug Nelson against the fence the whole time. Not that theres anything wrong with hugging. In fact, let me be clear, I am a hugging advocate. My hugs are amazing, I could teach you, but I’d have to charge. Anyway, All of Nelson’s wins in the UFC are by first round knockout so I am predicting the upset.

Roy Nelson, KO, Round 1.


Cain Velasquez (c)


Junior dos Santos

I know it’s the main event, but as far as the main card goes, I am the least excited about this fight. I hate trilogies because they are worn out (e.g. Fast and Furious 12, Steel Magnolias 2, and Rocky: The Retirement Years). I feel like Velasquez proved himself as the clearly dominant fighter in the last fight. I mean, it wasn’t even close. The only way JDS wins is by knockout and I don’t see that happening again cause I heard Cain was training with a new coach.

karate kid

I’ve got Cain via TKO in the 3rd.

So there you have it folks. Go mortgage the house and lay it all on my pics. TRUST ME.

I will be living tweeting the fight @TurnerLuke so follow me on twitter for more in-depth analysis as the fights take place.

Love you,



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