The Walking Dead "Infected" Espisode Recap

Just two episodes into this season of The Walking Dead and the intensity level has been cranked into overdrive. I don’t think my nerves can handle a full season!

Last night we saw Patrick (Harry Potter Zombie) reanimate and attack the prison, setting in motion an event that claimed roughly 14 of the prison’s rapidly dwindling population. Realizing that Patrick and another boy who turned weren’t bitten, Rick and the Council deduce that they are dealing with some sort of super flu. The flu is probably being passed through the livestock and other animals that the group are eating, and they quarantine those who seem sick.

Carol assumes responsibility for two girls after their father dies during the attack. This is an interesting angle as we get to see Carol teach these girls how to survive, much like she would have done with Sophie. Carol has grown so much, from the abused victim of the earlier seasons, to now taking an active role in training all the children in the prison.

I am really pleased that the writers did not drag out the “Farmer Rick” storyline. After using his pigs as zombie bait, Rick finally straps back on his holster and that bad-ass python is once again resting at his side. We also see Carl’s gun returned to him, which makes perfect sense. This kid has been through so much, from shooting his own mother so she wouldn’t turn into a zombie, to point blank shooting a random kid in the face. Carl needed his gun, it is time to see him take an active role as a leader in the group.

Someone is feeding the Walkers, making them pile up against the fence, and while we don’t yet know who that is, I wonder if it’s the same person who dragged Karen and David out to the yard and burned them. There are so many layers to this season, like Michone crying as she held baby Judith. I am hoping we get to see a flashback type story on Michone.

Last night was an excellent episode, and after watching the teaser for next week, it looks like the writers have ramped up the action, intensity, and Walker count yet again. Who do you think is feeding the Walkers? Leave your answers in the comments below and I might just mention you on The Walking Dead Podcast later this week. Here’s a peek at next week’s episode “Isolation”.

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