LSU DB Jeryl Brazil Accused Of Battery, What's Wrong With LSU?

LSU has suspended freshman Jeryl Brazil after he was arrested yet again on October 18th.  Brazil is charged with battery, the victim says he grabbed her by the throat and threw her down on the sofa.   Brazil’s previous arrest was for fighting another man outside an LSU cafeteria.  So that’s two violent crimes, one against a woman.  If we follow the LSU punishments scale that rates a suspension until all the other 18 -20 year olds vote him back on the team.

This LSU team has a particularly shady character about it; it’s not the usual college student infractions either.  Many of these guys have committed violent crimes, many against women.

LSU RB Jermy Hill is the prime example.  Hill and a friend raped a 14 year old girl when he was in high school, but a suspiciously lenient LSU alumni judge got him on probation.  Not only did he force this girl to do this, but he got away with it.  This girl is high school age now and has to continually hear about how great her tormentor is doing on the football team at LSU, it’s a small town obsessed with LSU football.

Then this summer Hill attacked a man, sucker punching him from behind in the back of the head.  This time there was even video of the incident:

But another suspiciously generous LSU alumni judge said Hill didn’t violate his probation with this violent act.  So Hill was allowed to rejoin the team; after Les Miles held a vote on it.

The player vote was really smart of Miles, it allowed him to get Hill back on the team but absolve himself of any blame.  What could the adult head coach do? The guys wanted this violent psycho back!

LSU’s current QB Zach Mettenberger was convicted of sexual battery before he got to LSU.

Jordan Jefferson, LSU’s former QB, kicked a man in the head while he was down during a bar fight.

Tyrann Mathieu had multiple run ins with the law, and after failing a drug test for the rumored 6th time he was finally kicked off the team.  Actually Mathieu’s crime seems the least damning, but in the case of drugs Les Miles’ hands were probably tied by university policy.

Speaking of the university, LSU is home to over 15,000 female students.  Would you feel confident sending your daughter to a university that is housing violent repeat offenders who have a tendency to target women?

The fact that no one in Louisiana, Baton Rouge, or LSU itself is raising an alarm over this trend is amazing.  It truly shows you where the priorities of that institution, and it’s fans, lie.

Why do these things keep happening at LSU? The answer is simple: there are no consequences.  The football players seem to know where they stand and exactly how valuable they are to the university.

Every school has some arrests and some incidents, but they are usually regular college kid stuff.  An occasional DUI or public intoxication charge.  If a more serious crime does occur it usually means removal from the team.

LSU on the other hand is becoming a haven for these kinds of guys, an SEC penal colony football team.  If I were an LSU alumni I would be ashamed.  It’s not like this shady business has brought much success, if you are going to have a team of criminals at least beat Ole Miss.

It also highlights the hypocrisy of the NCAA.  LSU can play a running back who raped a 14 year old girl, but you want hold another kid out for making money off his own name?  I looked in Leviticus and I was unable to find the verse about amateurism being super holy and important.  I would think that there is probably something about pride, violence, rape, and putting success before morality though.

Geaux Tigers


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