Jen Bielema's Halloween Costume Options

Halloween kicks off my favorite time of year. It signifies that the summer is finally over, and Christmas is just a couple of months away.

What I love most about Halloween (besides gorging myself on mini candy bars) is dressing up in crazy costumes and having a good time.  As I began to rummage around in the old costume box this year, a thought hit me; what will Jen Bielema be for Halloween?

Jen already teased Hog fans with this pic, and I must say, even Mrs. Razor thinks she looks stunning in red.


 Jen Bielema is of course the hottest Head Coach’s wife in the SEC, and she is not afraid to post selfies on Instagram and Twitter.  Naturally this has lead to many an internet site using said selfies to make hilarious, and sometimes tacky pictures. Enter the LSU message board “TigerDroppings”. The site usually does a Halloween thread each year, and I must say they did not disapoint.

Our first Jen Bielema costume idea comes from “Nole Man”. Thank you Nole Man, thank you.



Being the wife of a Head Coach comes with perks, and here in the great state of Arkansas, when you are the wife of the Head Football Coach, then you are considered the First Lady. Jen would look great in a red pant suit circa 1980’s Nancy Raegan!


Jen Bielema’s husband, Bret, is often refered to as Bert. I think this is apropo.


 A few weeks ago, Jen tweeted #Karma after the Wisconsin Badgers lost a very close game to Arizona State. This of course enraged Wisky fans, thus throwing poor Jen to the proverbial wolves…like a lamb to the slaughter. Who else better to represent a lamb, than Lil Bo Peep?


Last year, Johnny Manziel burst onto the Halloween fashion scene with a classic Scooby Doo costume. It brought him fame and a plethora of hot chicks. Maybe, if Jen wants to up her game in the college football world, all she needs to do is ask herself, what would Johnny do?


 Obviously there are many, many, too many choices to make for Jen’s Halloween outfit, and of course my jedi-like photoshopping skills are second to none.  If you’ve got an idea, post a pic in the comments. Mayhaps, I might feature your picture on the site.

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