25 Signs That You Might Be A Tennessee Fan

1. You have all the Big and Rich albums.  (Big and Rich are the Nickleback of country music.)


2. You have a cousin who is also an in-law.


3. You wear all orange and you are not incarcerated.


4. When someone says Smokey you don’t immediately respond with “and the Bandit.”


5. The sound of banjos makes you turn and face Knoxville.


6. Your last name is a first name. ( e.g., Billy Ray, Willy Lee, Ricky Bobby)


7. You bought orange pants when you were on the Dooley bandwagon.


8. Al Gore was once your Senator.


9. You know all the words to ‘Rocky Top’ and ‘Beer For My Horses’.


10. You live within spitting distance of the Jack Daniels distillery, yet you still drink Old Forester.


11. You know a real person named “Cooter.”


12. After the last few football seasons you are no longer opposed to fall weddings.


13. Butt. Chugging.


14. You find painting a rock to be exciting.


15. You have at least one pet that isn’t allowed to be a pet in a metropolitan area.


16. You lost a toe.


17. You traveled as far as Kentucky once.


18. You’ve picked up a snake… in church.


19. Your current head coach once lost a football game to Derek Dooley.


20. You’ve gotten a DUI on a jet ski.


21. You believe the right pair of overalls can be considered dressy.


22. The length of the hair on the front of your head has varied from the length of the hair on the back by more than 6 inches.


24. You have season passes to Dollywood.


25. It’s been 2560 days since your team beat Alabama.


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