The SEC's Best Fan-Made Music Videos

The SEC isn’t just the undisputed king of college football, but of fan made god awful YouTube raps and songs too. I present the best of the best of the best conference in college football.
LizHoney, the current reigning champion of fan-made videos in the SEC, started it all with this little gem. Before you jump on the judgy “Liz needs to stay off the boxed wine and Xanax” bandwagon, try to remember that Liz was inspired to uplift the Hogs after a John L. Smith coached Razorback team lost to ULM in Little Rock. So yeah… that makes it sadder.

Not to be outdone, a few Arkansas bros decided to try and woo the Gruden to come to Arkansas with this tastefully done and masterfully mixed remake of the Beatles “Hey Jude”. Clearly, this is what Paul McCartney had in mind when he penned this timeless classic.

2012 saw the SEC expand to include two more teams. Mizzou and Texas A&M have made impacts in their own way. Missouri wanted to let the SEC and the world know that they meant business… serious business, and “We Are Mizzou” was born. Obviously Mizzou isn’t knocking, they are just coming in, which is totally rude and unnecessary. Way to go Mizzou bros.

But wait, there’s more! You are welcome SEC…

Alabama is the supreme ruler of the SEC, and Brian Freeze is the Tide’s anthem maker. That’s right Bama, even you are not immune to the Fansanity!

Brian also really likes tailgating…

Staying in the state of Alabama, here is a look at Bama’s little sister, Auburn. War damn eagle ya’ll! Auburn’s video would be some kind of weird Toby Keith anthem.

The Florida Gators are proud to claim the whitest rapper since Vanilla Ice.

Fans of the Tennessee Volunteers think that they, not Alabama, are the perennial powerhouse of the SEC. So what if Philip Fulmer and Peyton Manning aren’t there anymore? Who cares if Lane Kiffin left them high and dry? Who is Derek Dooley? The Vols dominate the SEC, at least that’s what Clay Travis thinks. 
P.S. Butch Jones lost to Derek Dooley.

Question: What is a Landshark? Ole Miss fans everywhere know that answer, I suppose. Anyway, this video is not that bad, (relatively speaking) kudos Ole Miss Bros.

There really isn’t much to say about Mississippi State. Last year they thought they were going to be world beaters and #Hailstate was their anthem. So here is a rap song about MSU, it makes me sad. The title is “It’s Going Down,” which ironically is what MSU’s football team is doing this year.

Am I the only one that though Hootie and the Blowfish was dead? South Carolina was supposed to go undefeated this season and challenge Bama for the SEC title. LOLOLOL The only thing more disappointing than Clowney and the Gamecocks this season, is this rap video.

Kentucky does football about as well as they do videos. Enjoy.

LSU is a classy school. LSU is the definition of morality and high standards. I am a pathological liar. Enjoy the LSU dancing fan while I wash my mouth out with soap.

Is there anything funnier than male yell leaders? Why are all the “rap artist” in these videos white frat looking dudes?

This is my favorite, UGA made a rap song beofre last year’s SEC championship game and… well, there is no good PC way to put this but… That little person can rap yo.

If you’ve got a video in mind from your favorite SEC team, then post the link in the comments below, and I will feature it in my next article.

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