College Football Recap Week 10

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Ohio State really brought the wood to Purdue in this one.  Ohio State is winning by a big big margin over really bad bad teams with Urban Meyer.
ESPN could not be more proud of Ohio State this year.  Talking about what a change Urban has brought to Columbus.  Maybe so, but being excited over beating Purdue is like being excited that a 15 year old knows the alphabet.  Sure you don’t want an illiterate 15 year old, but it’s also not a great achievement worth celebrating.
When you calculate in the -60 point difference between Purdue and an FCS team, you see that in reality Ohio State lost to Idaho State by 10 points. So enough with the Ohio State has so many huge wins this year stats, ok ESPN?  Ohio State schedule so far has been: Florida A&M, Penn State, Cal, The Smurfs, San Diego State, a drunk one legged donkey, a mouse, and Canada.


“This was a closer game than the score showed.”  I hate that expression, this game was exactly as close as it’s final score, because that’s what the score was.  I also hate when people say things like “well if not for those turnovers” or “if Colt McCoy hadn’t gotten hurt.” Those things are part of football and they happened, you can’t wish them away.  Moral victories suck and aren’t worth talking about, I mean unless you are a Georgia fan.  (“Almost” is the official state religion of the Georgia Bulldogs)
The point is that we should stop making excuses for Iowa, all we are doing is enabling them.  Maybe if we had been a little harder on them, expected a little more from them, they wouldn’t have turned out this way. It’s not a phase David, Iowa is just bad. I’m going to stay with my mother.


You know how when you had a crush on a girl in elementary school you used to do things just to annoy her and get her attention? (I still do this to my girlfriend, hi Summer!) Well, I’m starting to think that Bret Bielema and Gus Malzhan may have a thing for each other.
Bielema got all kinds of pissy this week about Auburn not sharing game film of their goal line/conversion formation.  Then Bielema ran a trick goal line/conversion play.
So Malzhan, a vocal and regular critic of fake injuries to slow down no huddle offenses, did this:


I have to give it to Malzhan on his defense of this too. He straight up looked all the reporters in the eye and said “we don’t fake injuries.”  Shaggy would be proud.

Meanwhile Arkansas’ season isn’t going wrong.  Bret Bielema meant for this to happen.  Arkansas football is an elaborate modern performance art piece meant to make you look in to yourself.



I love a good derp, a lot of great humor comes from ineptitude at work in this old world.  There’s a reason America loves it’s funniest videos.  I mean a reason other than a charming young Bob Saget. But the Florida Georgia game was almost too much derp to watch.
First off, what are Florida and Georgia really playing for this year? A crappy bowl bid?
Georgia started off the game like gangbusters ,and then proceeded to spend 2 quarters doing everything they could to give it away.  It’s like UGA wanted to rip an exciting Outback Bowl against Northwestern from Mark Richt’s hands.
Florida, on the other hand, was a blind kid in a corn maze who was slowly getting his sight back.  Then in the final quarter the poor blind kid poked both his eyes out on a rouge ear of corn.
Georgia and Florida also tried to scrap numerous times, because when the Music City Bowl is on the line emotions run high.


Everyone said this game would be over in the first quarter. It took a little longer than that, but the outcome everyone expected was what they got.
FSU has won every game they’ve played by a big big margin; but the only two teams with any talent they’ve played are Clemson and Miami.  Well, Miami struggled with Wake Forrest and Clemson’s big win over UGA seems a lot less stellar now.
Don’t get me wrong, I think FSU is a good team, I’m just not sure who on the schedule is a barometer for how good.  FSU has looked so good so many times before, only to run into a good team and fold like they just came out of the dryer.
FSU’s fans were chanting “we want Bama,” and that’s cute.  So did VaTech, Notre Dame, Texas, LSU, Texas A&M… I really think you should prove you can go undefeated in the ACC before you decide you want a piece of Nick Saban.
Also FSU is school:


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