LSU vs Bama: LSU's Contribution To The Internet

This Saturday, the game of the century, of the year, of the millenium, of the week will be played between LSU and Alabama. This game will feature two of the best defenses in the land, two of the best coaches in all of college football, and a running back with a proclivity for sexually assaulting little girls.

LSU is known for having rabid fans, much like any other SEC school, however LSU’s fans tend to take the insanity that comes with being a dedicated follower to new heights. I have searched the vast abyss that is the internet, in hopes of gathering some of the best pictures of LSU fans in their natural habitat. Some of the pictures are from LSU fans themselves, others are an homage if you will, from fans of other schools. Enjoy!

LSU fans smell of corndogs, or so I’m told.


These Bama fans have devised the perfect trap for the LSU fan.


Les Miles is always good for a great photo opportunity. I’m not sure who’s enjoying the golden shower more…


Les Miles is the undisputed king of fashion


This is one of the classiest ladies at LSU. Of course she’s just showing her appreciation for Alabama, right?


Wait, who’s swallowing what?

LSU Fan Corndog Hot Chick Blow Job

Speaking of classy ladies with daddy issues.


LSU fans do not care what you or the humane society think, animals can be fans too! Quick, someone call PETA


Welp…same thing right?


This next fan-made sign displays the LSU education in all of its glory. Did Obama win Louisiana? I also really like the use of “$aban” since clearly he and Alabama cheat and pay players for championships. Clearly.

Alabama LSU Football

Cajuns are often referred to as “Coon Ass”. Way to embrace your heritage LSU! Note the obvious disdain for “$aban”


LSU is known for showing support to other schools. LSU is also known for being super classy. Stay Classy LSU bros.


Honey Badger don’t…Oh I give up, you get it.


Wasn’t one of these “Balls” won by “$aban”?


Finally, it would seem that the Photoshop-Jedi-Master-LSU-Fan that did this particular photo, is under the impression that LSU is going to somehow beat Nick “$aban” and the Crimson Tide. It looks like the method by which Les Miles will accomplish this herculean task, is injecting some sort of drug into the Tide? LSU fans are no strangers to illicit drugs, I’ll let you use your imagination.




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