The Walking Dead Roundup: Season 4 Episode 4, Indifference

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Dick move Rick, dick move.

Episode four entitled “Indifference” definitely lived up to its name. Just when I was saying Carol was coming into her own, even taking a larger role in the group than Rick, she gets abandoned on the side of the road, like a dog who poops in the house too much. That’s right, Rick pulled the ultimate dick move and decided all on his own that Carol’s revelation that she killed Karen and David was way too much for him to handle, and in what can only be described as a self serving hypocritically sanctimonious act, he banishes Carol from the prison, and abandons her with nothing but a half full can of gas and a dirty station wagon.

However, Rick and Carol’s bit of drama weren’t the only story lines in last night’s episode. Daryl, Michonne, Bob and Tyreese continue their quest for antibiotics in hopes of curing those at the prison who were sick with the super flu. Apparently, Tyreese has a death wish and tries his best to get bitten. Bob and Daryl have a tender moment, only to be shattered later when we find out that Bob is a raging alcoholic jerk face who, instead of filling his bag with meds, stashes a bottle of whiskey.


Daryl is a big softie and has learned the names of all the survivors at the prison. This, coming from the outcast with a lone wolf complex from seasons one and two. He loves babies (Lil Ass Kicker) he collects rocks for kindly old women, yet he is manly enough hunt and provide food for the group and kill Walkers with the greatest of ease, all the while being able to hot-wire a car. Daryl really is the total package. I can’t wait to see how Daryl reacts to Rick once he finds out what happened to Carol. We all know Daryl and Carol were a thing…Oh stop being so catty ladies, you really aren’t happy that Carol has been removed as a threat to your affections for Daryl. Daryl has enough love for all of you.

I now return you to what’s really going on…you know, a zombie apocalypse.

I’m still hung up on Rick’s utterly complete act of hypocrisy. How many people has he killed? Carol has evolved into the ultimate zombie apocalypse survivor. She has successfully done what Rick could not; shut off her humanity switch. Carol did what she thought was the right decision for the group. I would posit this thought:  in killing Karen and David, Carol did more for the betterment of the group, than Rick has done with all of his farming. Which brings me to my favorite line of the night. Carol point blank tells Rick, “You can be a farmer, but not just a farmer” finally someone has the gusto to confront this emo incarnation of Rick, and what happens? He banishes her. Dick move Rick, dick move.

What questions or thoughts do you have about last night’s episode? Leave them in the comments below, and I will mention you on this week’s Walking and Talking Dead podcast.

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