Les Miles Will Be The Next Texas Longhorn Head Coach

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I know you’ve heard them.  The rumors of an SEC coach headed to Texas are coming hard and fast.  Well, I’m here to tell you they are all true.  Les Miles is indeed headed to the University of Texas.  Before you say that these rumors always seem to pop up the week of the big game, please listen to my irrefutable evidence:

Les Miles AND his wife were recently seen in Texas as they drove through the state on their way to the Grand Canyon.  Innocent vacation, or a chance to scope out gas stations for a possible move?


Les Miles’ wife was recently seen eating barbeque.  Tasty dinner choice or secret sign to the barbeque crazed Texans?


Les Miles once watched “Walker Texas Ranger.”


Les likes to eat grass. What else likes to eat grass? That’s right, cows do. What is Texas’ mascot?

When he was 7 Les Miles dad took him to the Alamo and Les said “it was really neat.” I think that speaks for itself.

Did you see Les Miles and Gus Malzhan shake hands after they played each other? Obviously Les is taking Malzhan to Texas to be his offensive coordinator.

Les Miles Mom once had a mug that said “Don’t Mess With Texas.” This family heirloom was bought during the infamous Alamo trip.

Les Miles often uses ORANGE golf balls.  He SAYS it’s because they are easier to see, but we know the truth.

Les Miles loves Mexican food.
I guess that’s it huh? I mean this information all came from a very reliable source I just made up.  I think we should start talking about this non-stop, because it’s always a coincidence when rumors from months ago pop up the week of big games.

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