LSU vs Bama: YouTube Wars

The LSU Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide will face off in an epic battle this weekend, and on Saturday we will know which team is superior.  But for now let’s just resort to YouTube to decide who holds the upper hand. Which team has the better fans, and by better I don’t mean good, clean, and wholesome…like that matters.


Our first video is of the LSU band playing “Neck”. The LSU fans have decided to add their own brand of Cajun style and class to the song. I’ll let you enjoy, but I warn you, this is NSFW.

Classy, yes? You can always count on those squirrely LSU fans to add a little peppa to da gumbo!

Here we have the Crimson Tide faithful singing their favorite “Rammer Jammer”. You will notice the lack of demanding that the opposing team suck on their D**ks.

Advantage, Alabama. As a staunch Arkansas Razorback fan, I am extremely impartial in this judging. In 2011, Arkansas came to Baton Rouge with only one loss (Alabama) and something to prove. A week earlier, the team was rocked by the death of fellow teammate Garrett Uekman to heart failure. Instead of being classy fans, the LSU mob decided to yell obscenities and chant their version of “Neck”. Stay classy LSU.

Alabama – 1 LSU – 0

We’ve seen each team’s fan in their natural habitat, the stadium, now let’s see which team boasts the best Fan rant on YouTube…this is gonna be fun!

Here are a couple of  LSU fans ranting about losing to Alabama in the BCS National Championship game. Clearly it isn’t fair. NSFW

This guy is really upset NSFW

Let’s take a look at Bama’s ranters, shall we?

This Rick Flair Alabama fan thinks he is on WWE. Honestly, this is one of my favorite fan rant videos. This guy embodies all that is the typical Bama ego.

Megaskeet420 is one of Bama’s most famous YouTube ranters. Ole Skeet hates LSU. Consider yourself warned, because Skeet is definitely NSFW


This is a tough one, but I’m once again going with Bama.

Alabama – 2  LSU – 0

Finally, let’s find out which team’s Head Coach stands out on video.

First up, LSU coach Les Miles

Oooookay…so maybe we didn’t need to see Les do the Harlem Shake, but what kind of YouTube war would this be without it?

Here we have Les going on one of his most memorable rants.

Of course what kind of Arkansas fan would I be, if I didn’t include this little gem in a Les Miles YouTube contest.

Now Let’s check out Nick Saban, the undisputed king of friendly video interviews. This guy loves the press, and relishes each and every time he gets a chance to share his thoughts and feelings with reporters. Aiight?!

Nick Saban’s subtle upside down middle finger to the press is awesome. I love this guy.

Nick Saban has no time for your sacks question. TWELVE IN A ROW ACTUALLY DUH

Nick Saban isn’t a “Player’s Coach”

I gotta say, advantage Les. Les Miles is always good for a funny, hilarious sound byte and gif. If Les wasn’t such a sketchy guy, allowing rapist and child molesters to play on his team, then I would love the guy.

Alabama – 2 LSU -1


Is this a foreshadowing of what is to come on Saturday? Perhaps, but whatever the outcome, I’m sure we will have a whole new batch of awesome YouTube videos to carry us through to the next time these two SEC heavy weights face off again next year.

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