The Walking Dead Recap: Season 4 Episode 5, Internment

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Last night’s episode ended with the Governor staring out at the prison as Rick and Carl shared some zombie peas. I’m not so sure I could eat peas grown in soil with walkers loitering around just outside the fence where the garden is. Walkers are people who have died and turned. Walkers are dying by the truckload right outside where these bean stalks are growing, therefore it is my sound theory that the peas are zombie peas. SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE RICK WAKE UP!

Last night was filled with so much intense drama that about halfway through, I realized that I was gritting my teeth. Thanks Hershel, now I have to schedule a dentist appointment because you can’t close a door behind you. Seriously you guys, you’re in a cell block stocked full of sick people, who are clearly going to turn after dying from the super-flu, and yet you think it’s perfectly acceptable to turn your back to an open door while you intubate your pseudo son-in-law?

Of course, how can I berate a guy like Hershel? This guy is already down to one leg, on which he seems to be motering around on just fine by the way, he has lost daughters, sons, and a wife to the zombie apocalypse, and yet he still has no problems locking himself in a cell block full of potential walkers, and to top it all off, he is a perfect gentleman to the zombies when he kills them. Good guy Hershel is such a good guy.

(Thanks Why So SkyHigh on YouTube for the “Risk Your Life” Song)

Last night we finally got to see the badass tandem that is the Rick and Carl Grimes shooting exhibition. I’m not sure about you guys, but I was humming the Rocky montage music in my head as Rick and Carl were mowing down wave after wave of walkers. And how awesome was it when Rick yelled that he was out of ammo, only to have Carl toss him a clip, like a boss! I seriously thought I was watching a mixture of The Andy Griffith Show and all the 80’s buddy -cop-action movies combined, it was fantastic!

What we didn’t get to see was Rick tell Daryl about Carol. I personally can’t wait to see how Daryl reacts to Rick’s dick move decision. We also still do not know who is feeding the walkers fresh rats, but I have a theory. Bob has stated that he was in two former groups “that didn’t make it” before he joined the prison group. I think next week, we are going to see that Bob is a Governor plant; a spy if you will. Regardless of whether my theory is right or not, the poo is going to hit the fan next week.

What are your theories about who is feeding the rats? Do you think the prison is still the safest place for the group to be? How do you think Daryl will react to Rick’s decision? Let me know in the comments below and I will address them in The Walking and Talking Dead Podcast this week.

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