Recruit Who Picked Other School "Sucks" According To College Football Fans

“I was so excited for the recruit to come to our school and play football. But then he didn’t want to come to our school and I knew he sucked,” said the college football fan of a major university.

“I was tweeting him all month about how great he was, man was I stupid,” said another rejected fan of college football. “I mean, now I need to go tweet horrible things about his family and future to him to make up for it. It’s only right.”

“Not agreeing with me clearly shows the character of that 18 year old,” said a grown man who Facebook stalks high school students.

“Obviously someone paid him off, or cheated, or there was some sort of conspiracy,” said a man who is a registered voter in this country.

“F*&% that kid, I hope he breaks his leg,” said a mother of two.

“Well, not picking my team is a sure fire way to end up as a failure in life,” added a local pastor.

“I will put a curse on him,” commented a witch.


See, getting mad at a kid about what school he chooses is stupid. Stop doing that.


Also, stop tweeting or Facebook stalking recruits because:

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