The Walking Dead: Season 4 Episode 6 Preview, Live Bait

This Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead might just be the show’s most anticipated episode of the season, maybe even the entire series. The Governor is back, and he’s bringing hell with him. The title of the episode is “Live bait” and due to the fact that someone has been feeding the walkers live rats, the title is apropos.

What is going to happen to our favorite survivors when the Governor makes himself known? Is Bob his spy on the inside? How is Daryl going to react to what Rick did to Carol? Are we going to see the Mega-Herd finally reach the prison’s already weakened fence? Is this the end of the line for a major character on the show? If The Talking Dead’s secret guest is any kind of foreshadowing, then yes we just might be saying goodbye to a beloved character.

Take a gander at next week’s episode, Live Bait

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