Chiefs vs Broncos Media Coverage Pie Chart

According to ESPN the Cheifs and Broncos game is the biggest thing to ever happen to the NFL.  ESPN is making such a fuss over this game that you might even think that two brothers were playing or coaching for opposing teams.  IT’S BROTHER FACE-OFF LEVEL EXCITING SKIP!  I have noticed the media coverage seems to be a bit one sided though.  So I made this pie chart to help us sort it all out:

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  • Kellen

    You forgot the Chiefs haven’t played anybody (Make sure to leave out the fact that the Broncos and Chiefs opponents are almost identical).

    • Guest

      Really? How many 3rd string QB’s on bad teams have the broncos faced? And did those games also end with a last minute bone-headed mistake by the other team like they did for the Chiefs?

      KC has played no one and struggled.
      Denver is averaging 41 points per game.

      Uh oh.

      • Kellen

        You also gave up 48 points to the cowboys and it took a late Romo mistake to secure that game. We only gave up 16 points to the Cowboys. Your defense is way more suspect than out offense…with or without Miller.

        • Guest

          Yeah, that’s just flat out not true. Denver’s defense with Von Miller back is a totally different beast than the defense that let Romo sit in the pocket for 10 seconds without being touched. Alex smith will hit the ground more than Manning will in this game, and the KC offense will be lucky to get in the end zone at all before 4th quarter garbage time when Denver is ahead by 20+ points.

          Sorry, but unless Denver decides to play terribly, this is going to be an absolute slaughter. I think the Chiefs do better in a couple weeks at Arrowhead, but they’re still going to lose that one, too.

          • Kellen

            You guys gave up 19 points to the Jags, a team that didn’t score on us offensively. That was with Miller. Base you information on fact not bias. FYI our defense will make your offense look terrible. Not saying we win at Mile High but there is no way it will be a blowout. Go Chiefs!

          • anon76returns

            A) Miller did NOT play in the Jags game, and the Jags offense put up 13 points against the Denver D, not 19.
            B) Neither Miller nor Bailey played in the Cowboys game, and Woodyard was out most of it. It would be interesting to see how KC would have played Dallas without Houston, Poe, and Flowers, especially if they weren’t in the friendly confines of Arrowhead. KC probably might not have given up 48 points, but it certainly would have been an ‘L’ considering all the variables that went into getting KC a 1 point win.

          • Kellen

            What I’m hearing is if the schedule the NFL made was different and the people on my teams defense weren’t old and dumb a hypothetical situation would have made the game different. Also, you are certain this hypothetical situation would turn out how you imagined it. Have fun in your football fantasy land Anon.

          • anon76returns

            Well, we do hear what we want to hear, don’t we?
            What I said is that the Chiefs had much more favorable circumstances when they played the Cowboys, and they still had a narrower margin of victory. Please let me know if I need to dumb it down further for you.

          • Kellen

            No you already sounded dumb enough to begin with. Don’t try to make excuses for your team. People all across the league get hurt all the time. We had a year where Moeaki, Berry, and Charles all tore ACL’s but I’m sure you didn’t make excuses for us that year did you?

          • anon76returns

            I’m sure I didn’t care. But I would have been an idiot to say that how
            badly your team did without those players was in any way indicative of
            how the team would perform when they got everyone back. That is
            exactly what you were doing by comparing the Broncos defensive unit that
            played the Jags & Cowboys with the unit that took the field last night.

      • KCMikeG

        KC has played no one? We have played 5 common teams and the 4 you have played that we haven’t all have losing records except for the Colts who BEAT YOU!!

        Speaking of last minute boneheaded mistakes how about the ones by Romo and Rivers that let you salvage wins. Donkeys could easily be 6-3.

        QB rankings of your opponents. Vick is out, Henne is #32 (BACK UP QB hangs 19 on you), Pryor is #26, Eli is #24, Flacco is #23 and RGIII is #13. FINALLY TOP 10 QB’S donkeys have played = Romo is #7 (barely win by 3 thanks to Romo mistake), Luck is #6 (LOSS – Bahahahaha) and Rivers is #4 (8 point win handed to you by multiple terrible decisions by Phyllis). Of the “back ups” we have played Campbell #20, Keenum #19 are ranked higher than FIVE of the nine QB’s you have played.

        Now let’s look at defenses you have faced to average 41 points. Philly #32, Dallas #31, SD #29, Jax #28, Skins #27 and Colts #22, Faiders #16, Ravens #15 and NYG #11 (climbed out of the bottom over the last 3 games). We have played #1 Houston, #5 Browns, NYG #11, Titans #12, Faiders #16, Bills #19, Jax #28, Dallas #31 and Philly #32. The BEST scoring defense you have played is giving up 9 points a game more than we are at 12 per game. The LEAST amount of points hung on you is 19 by the lowly Jags who scored 2 points vs us. The MOST anyone has scored on us is 17!

        KC has struggled?? Struggling would be what the donkeys did vs the Colts when the LOST! We have won SIX of our NINE WINS BY TWO OR MORE SCORES. We BOTH have had three close wins. We have won two one pointers and a 6 point win. You have won games by 3, 6 and 8 points. If you say we have struggled then so have you.


        • Guest

          You really seem to take this seriously. Is it that you’re insecure about the Chiefs chances? Because it’s not normal to spend so much time looking up Bronco statistics to throw around on a message board unless you’re really REALLY wrapped up in them winning this game. It’s almost like you want them to win soooooo bad, and the insecurity about the possible outcome gets to be to much to handle, so you look for any kind of statistic that shows the Chiefs having a chance of winning just to take that edge off the unknown.

          Have you thought about what you’re going to do if they lose?

          I’m not saying they will, but you have to admit that it’s a possibility. It’s even possible they lose next week to SD. Now don’t laugh. SD is a pretty good team, definitely better than their record. They’re also going to be the second toughest team you’ve face this season after tomorrow, and they seem to always show up against the Chiefs.

          9-0 could turn to 9-2 really quickly.

          Then there’s Denver again. Now the pressure is really on. Losing to the Broncos in Denver is one thing, but losing to them at Arrowhead, AGAIN. Now that might be too much to handle.

          But it could happen.

          Have you thought about what you’re going to do if it does happen?

          Oh, man, all those lying stats. All those smug Bronco fans laughing at us as they go on to win the west. But there’s always the playoffs. Regular season is nothing. The Playoffs is what matters. Here, look at these stats. The Chiefs are going to flatten Manning… etc, etc, etc.

          But then the Chiefs lose to the Bengals in the wildcard.

          Not saying any of this will happen, but it could.

          You might want to prepare yourself.

          • KCMikeG

            Great to see we have a validated expert psychologist on what is “normal”. Not one fact or stat yet lots of imagined negative “what if’s” – if that’s “normal” to be imagining losing multiple games before the games are played then count me out of the “normal” crowd. Stats considered in context are a rational approach to analyzing the game. Doing your homework makes you educated to discuss the match not insecure. I’m a firm believer in planning for positive outcomes in the future based on today’s realities and to march on head up when things don’t. IF the Chiefs were to lose I would be right back cheering them on for the next week. I will leave the preparing for failure to the donkey fans.

          • Guest

            Fair enough.

            I thought I’d follow your lead and compare the Broncos D with the Chiefs D using this stat thing you love so much. Here’s what I found.

            Over the past three games:

            The Chiefs have faced Case Keenum (Texans), Jason Campbell (Browns), and Jeff Tuel (Bills).

            The Broncos have faced Andrew Luck (Colts), RG3 (Redskins), and Phillip Rivers (Chargers).

            The Broncos have faced 3 starting QBs and better teams. The Chiefs have faced 3 third string QBs and worse teams.

            The Broncos allowed an average of 318 yards…The Chiefs allowed 368 yards.

            The Broncos have 9 sacks over their last 3 games…The Chiefs have 6 sacks.

            The Broncos have 4 ints over the last 3 games and the Chiefs have 2 ints.

            The stats seem to suggest that the Chiefs D, if you look at how they’re trending, isn’t any better than the Broncos D. They’re actually pretty even. You could even say that the Chiefs defense is performing slightly below the Broncos D.

            So, today the Chiefs are facing a team with an offense that is unlike anything they’ve faced so far this year, and a defense that has out performing their “great” defense over the past few weeks, and done it against better teams.


            Maybe there is something to this stat thing after all.

          • KCMikeG

            Thought it wasn’t “normal” to spend time to support your opinion? Nice work though and your “snapshot” analysis is accurate. Ignoring the other 2/3 of the season is the rest of the story that ignores the holes in the Denver defense. The context missed is that those teams are just like you – strong offenses with average to weak defenses. Finally you will face an elite defense. Somethings gotta give and my money’s on PM going down.

          • Guest

            So you’re saying trends don’t matter? If a team is playing like an elite defense at the start of a season, you’re saying they’re elite the entire season even if their performance drops?

            The problem with ignoring trends is that it doesn’t show the full picture. Denver’s defense with Von Miller is a different defense than the one that was on the field those first six games, and he’s a big reason why Denver’s defense has been better than KC’s defense for the past three games.

            Today KC’s offense will be facing a defense that’s playing better than KC’s defense, and Denver’s offense is facing a KC defense that isn’t as good as the one they face in practice. Add to this that Denver has the best pass protecting offensive line in the NFL, and I see a long day for the Chiefs.

  • Brian Martasin

    You also forgot it’s super hard to sack manning and that the KC offense minus JC is dreadful.

    • Kellen

      Is that why the Chargers sacked him four times last week? Without Manning you have no offense period. Your line better hope it starts protecting better or you won’t have him much longer.

      • Brian Martasin

        I was echoing the media talking points – I’m a Chiefs fan bud.

        • Kellen

          Sorry man, just thought you were another butt sore Broncos fan mad because the “sweet” Tebow jersey you have is no good anymore. Go Chiefs!

      • anon76returns

        San Diego sacked Manning 4 times?

        Do you ever get any stats right?

        In case you ever want to stop living in your fantasy land, I’ll give you a clue as to which O-line has given up the least # of sacks/hits/hurries on their QB:

        • Kellen

          I watch football not Google stats all the time, It’s not hard to do when you continually play the worst defenses in the league. You have not played a pass rush like us.

          • anon76returns

            Watch football all you like. But if you’re going to spout off specific stats like “4 sacks by Chargers”, “Jags O scored 19″, or “Von played against the Jags”, then make sure you know what you’re talking about, or you’ll look like an idiot.

            And, from a statistical perspective, KC’s pass rush is actually pretty equivalent to Baltimore’s. The Chiefs have a few more sacks, but the Ravens actually get more hits on the QB. The Chiefs get pressure on about 29.9% of opponents QB drops, while the Ravens do so on about 28.9%. The Chiefs started out strong in those first 7 games, but an extremely weak pass rush in the last 3 games means that they are no longer so different than some of the other good defenses. For instance, after this week they’ll be ranked below the Broncos in pressure rating.

          • Kellen

            I’m impressed with your Google skills sir. Bravo! The pass rush will come back. A couple of bad games is all it is. I think QB’s started getting the ball out quicker due to the pass rush. Changing their game plan to cope with the pressure.

      • Guest

        Denver actually has either the #1 or #2 best pass protecting line in the NFL. Manning hasn’t been sacked very often this year. Denver’s D got to Rivers more times than SD got to Manning.

        • KCMikeG

          Really? Maybe because SD lost two of their starting OL.

          • anon76returns

            Or because the Denver O-line is pretty good (as in highest rated pass-blocking unit in the NFL).

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