Chiefs vs. Broncos, The Schedule Question

Tags: Denver Broncos Kansas City Chiefs

  • war-painted-wolf

    Your countdown clock appears to be 12 hours off. Duh…? Lot of work to put that fancy clock up there and all your graphics and what not to end the piece with a big math error.

    • Bandit Ref

      Fixed, thanks for the heads up. I will try to live up to the high standards you set.

  • Chris Sanchez

    The biggest number of all : number of quality opponents faces Denver 1, KC 0. Shocking that both Denver and KC are overrated

    • RepOurChiefs

      You call a team that gets no respect overrated? No1 is saying they are the best team in the NFL. LOL The opposite is the popular opinion. If you are saying they are overrated simply because they beat those they have faced….well…….im sure they arent sorry about that.