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Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead definitely wasn’t what I was expecting, and if you are anything like me, then I’m sure you felt that unsatisfied feeling as the credits rolled. In the first 15 minutes of the show we see the Governor morph from a psychotic mass murderer, to an emo non-conformist with a death wish, to an arsonist with a proclivity for burning down an entire town, to a hollow shell of his former self, shuffling around like a hobo Snake Plissken, aimlessly meandering down city streets, barely dodging walkers, obviously not caring whether or not he dies.

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I get it, I really do. The writers of TWD are trying to show the Governor is a changed man, with last night’s episode being a sort of redemption story. However, does saving one little girl and her annoying mom and aunt really make up for all the atrocities this man has done? Let’s see, he authored the death of Andrea, caused Merle to turn into a zombie, creepily sexually assaulted Maggie, attacked the prison with a truck full of walkers, then again with his group armed to the teeth, masterminded the slaughter of a group of soldiers, and to top it all off, he killed his own people when they failed to take the prison; yeah, I’m pretty sure this guy is beyond redemption.

We didn’t get to see the prison group, and if the preview for next week’s episode is any indication of how it will go down, then we won’t see the prison group next week either. Is this a desperate move by the writers to fill story into a 16 episode season? I sincerely hope not, because there is so much rich story in The Walking Dead, that if the writers would just stick to the books, then they would be fine. I am well aware that the TV show is a loose adaptation of the books, but there is something to be said for the old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

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Megan is obviously a link to Penny, the Governor’s deceased zombie daughter, and it seems for now that she is the reason for his turning over a new leaf. I honestly can say that I have zero inclination on where the writers are going here. Are they truly trying to remake one of the most heinous villains to ever grace the television screen, or is this simply a side note to a story that, if based on the comic at all, will end at the prison? I’m absolutely hoping for the latter. I just can’t see Michonne or Daryl forgiving the Governor for what he’s done, nor could I see Rick allowing him to join the group, especially after he kicked Carol to the curb for doing something far less terrible than what the Governor’s done.

So where does that leave us for next week, and the weeks after that? Well, we know that the Governor will be back with Martinez, and from the trailer for next week, we know that there is another group surviving out in the woods, and it would seem that Martinez is their leader. Will the Governor continue to protect Megan and her family? Or, does he get back to his old ways and start masterminding vengeance on the prison group? Hopefully we will find out next week, and hopefully the writers won’t bog us down with more unnecessary filler. Let me know what your theories are about the Governor in the comments below, and I will address them in this week’s Walking and Talking Dead Podcast.

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