NFL Week 11 Recap, Written By A Depressed Jags Fan



Nothing says leader of the division and playoff contender like barely beating the team the Jags beat.  The only thing worse than losing to the Jags at this point is losing to a team that lost to the Jags.  The Colts dodged that bullet and continue on their quest to be known as the all time least impressive team that is loaded with talent.  Is Chuck Pagano Mark Richt’s half brother or something? Nobody does less with more than these two guys.  If you gave the Jags like 3 Colts players they could increase their win total 100%. (That’s 2 wins.)
Titans you are bad and you should feel bad.



So RG3 threw his OC under the bus and said the Eagles knew what was coming.  Hey RG3, your my fantasy team QB this year.  Let me tell you, I haven’t always been thrilled with what you’ve done either.  I don’t really think the man who lives in a glass house and is apparently made out of glass should be casting stones about.
As for the Eagles, maybe try to play 4 quarters next week?

GlassmanVanProudly owned and operated by RG3.



The Bucs continue to help Jacksonville secure the first pick in the draft. (Where we will take a saftey.)  I am rooting for the Bucs hard, in spite of the fact that when a Greg Schiano led team wins a kitten gets feline AIDS.
Falcons, what happened to you? You had all these hopes and dreams.  You told me you were going to win the Super Bowl.  I told you that you were an Atlanta sports franchise and that goes against the laws of nature.  Sorry bro, you can’t fight nature.

laws-of-nature-by-karaniwangbinatilyo-01This goes double for Matty Ice.




Cecil Shorts is Jacksonville’s best receiver that isn’t indefinitely suspended for drugs.  It’s understandable that he is frustrated with his situation.  But Cecil, let’s remember that you are the JAGUARS best receiver, so like the 6th best on another team.  I understand that working with Chad Henne must be the definition of struggle bus, but come on?  You’re the scariest bunny rabbit in this fluffy bunny rabbit petting zoo of cuddles.  Don’t start thinking you’re a wolf.


Carson Palmer went a game without an INT and his whole world has changed. He is a new man.  He may just call that waitress and see if she want’s to go get coffee.




The Chiefs lost, are we happy now ESPN? Can we stop with the THEY ARE IMPOSTERS stories now?  If losing a game makes your team an imposter then the 1972 Dolphins are the only non-imposter team in history.  I think the main problem the media had with the Chiefs being undefeated was that they Chiefs weren’t supposed to be the team to do something awesome.  If it had been the Cowboys, Pats, or even the Dolphins I think the media reaction would have been much different.  The Chiefs may not be the greatest team ever, but they are 9-1 in the NFL and that’s damn impressive, just ask the Broncos.






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