A Crash Course In Doctor Who, Part 1

In preparation for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary, Bandit has me watching some episodes so that I can get caught up on what I need to know to properly enjoy the Doctor in all his glory. Yep that’s right, I’m a non-Whovian; I’ve never actually watched a complete episode of Doctor Who. So, now I’ve got my homework and here it is, the first episode in order of importance, according to Bandit of course.  First I will give you my opinion and then Bandit will give you his inevitable rebuttal.

Season 2 Episode 4 “The Girl in The Fireplace”

Okay, so there is a spaceship with a fireplace on it. Now there are a bunch of robot-clock-work things with masks on, running around and scaring some French people. Apparently the  clock-work robots want this chick’s brain to start their listless spaceship, where they had killed the crew and harvested their organs to fix the ship. But why would the robots bother the French chick from the 1700’s? Oh I see, her name was on the ship…cool story bro. WHAT’S GOING ON HERE I DON’T UNDERSTAND can somebody please point me in the direction of a show with a decent budget? BRB watching some old school Star Trek since that’s pretty much the same thing.

Okay Bandit, that’s one down with three more to go. So far, I’m not all that into it, BUT I am keeping an open mind.

Next up:

Season 3 Episode 11 “Blink”

You’re basing your opinion on budget? No wonder you like the Walking Dead, cool zombies NO INTELLIGENCE.  How many cool sci-fi stories are wrapped up in this one story?  It’s got a spaceship, robot repairmen gone amok, time travel, and did I mention time travel?  How do you not love a story like this… sigh. AND THE FIREPLACE IS A TIME PORTAL.

The thing about Doctor Who is that it’s  a big step into a more cerebral sci-fi, it’s no Walking Dead.  I sure hope Razor is up for it… if not maybe I can find him some Power Rangers or something?

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