Is El Camino High Coached By Houston Nutt?

Probably not. But this trick play reminds me of the Right Reverend Nitt’s style of coaching.   The play is a lot of fun to watch, but you know it wouldn’t work on kids after high school.  But that was what made Houston Nutt so fun to watch; he would try this stuff in the college game, because hey, it would’ve worked on him.  So let’s watch the play and break it down Houston Nutt style.

0:01 – Eerebody es set in de regular foosball formation.

0:02 – Here Matt Jones or whoever be the quarterback is holdin de ball out like “ohhhhh noe der be something wrong wit dis ball!”

0:05 – Notice de half back with his hand out all annoyed about dis delay of de game.  Get dat boy an Oscar.

0:06 – Da quaterback is joggin but in a I’m just going to the sideline kinda way.  The other team has all stood up and gone on home to slop de pigs as it were.

0:07 – Here Matt Jones or whoever be the quarterback has started up field.  Errebody is shocked.

0:09 – BOOM SHAKA LAKA it’s all just gravy and biscuts with pigs feet now sister!



1.  Sell the deception

2. Be ready to move if this thing goes horribly wrong.  (It will most of the time.)

3. Have the plan be so stupid no one would have ever thought to expect it.


Well done El Camino, you’re a chip off the ole Right Reverend.




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