World of Warcraft: Throwback Thursday, Serenity Now

Welcome to WoW Throwback Thursday, or #WoWTBT because hashtags are cool…well not really, but you get the point. Today I have chosen for your viewing pleasure, one of the most scumbaggy shenanigan filled moves ever to be recorded in World of Warcraft history, and it’s hilarious. Allow me to set the scene for you.

On the Illidan server (a PVP server) a Horde guild was holding an in game funeral for a guild mate that had died in real life. Now remember, this is a PVP server, and this particular Horde guild advertised on the forums that they would be holding the funeral in a contested zone, meaning that any Alliance guild could come in and disrupt the funeral, if they chose to do so. The Horde guild asked that everyone please be respectful and not disrupt the service, as they were holding the memorial in a zone with a large lake and snow, because the recently deceased “Loved to fish and loved snow”. Yeah, because respect and honor are traits that everyone in an MMO hold most dear. You can’t see me, but I’m doing  air quotes and rolling my eyes as I type this.

Now enter the alliance guild, Serenity Now. This guild filled with hilarious douchebags decided that  they would infiltrate the memorial and grief the Horde gathered there to pay their respects. Thank all the gaming gods that they decided to record the adventure and lay down some pretty awesome music to go with it. Enjoy!

Serenity Now

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