A Crash Course in Doctor Who, Part 3

Under immense pier pressure from Bandit and my good friend Chris Parda, I decided to watch Doctor Who Series 3 Episode 10, “Blink”. 

Okay so they were right, Blink was a fantastic episode, and it is probably one of my favorites in my young Whovian adventures so far. Blink is unique, in that the Doctor isn’t really in the episode very much at all. The story centers around Sally Sparrow and Larry Nightingale (yes they are both bird names, but I’m not sure of the significance of this) as they try and stop the Weeping Angels from taking the TARDIS

I’ve got to say, the Weeping Angels are absolutely terrifying, and they are now added to my top 5 things that scare the crap out of me; Clowns being number 1 followed closely by creepy English kids, dolls, and little girl ghosts…DON’T JUDGE ME!  Anyway, the Doctor leads Sally and Larry through a bunch of clues left in DVDs, all the way to the TARDIS where Larry puts in his DVD and causes the TARDIS to disappear, and the Weeping Angels to look at each other. Now why would that matter you ask, well because Weeping Angels can’t look at each other, or they turn to actual stone and die. Pretty cool, huh? It’s actually pretty brilliant.

All in all, “Blink” was a great episode and I can now begrudgingly admit that my buddies were right. Yeah, yeah get it all out. Feel better Bandit and Chris?

My next episode to watch will be Series 5 Episode 12, “The Pandorica Opens” & “The Big Bang ” and I’m pretty excited for it, as I am beginning to understand the mythos of the Doctor more and more. I’m not quite a Whovian just yet, but I’m on the right path!

 Bandit says:

I told Razor that this was probably sitting outside his window, just out of sight.  I’m a good friend.


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