George Brett, Viral Sensation

Surely you know the song “Royals” by Lorde. It is massively popular and would seem to touch on issues of fame, celebrity, something something something. Some kind of commentary on how society is organized and how some people are pre-destined for their place in the world, etc. That must be the inspiration, right?


It’s George Brett.

Video below (from VH1):

David Brown, who wrote the story for Yahoo!, looked into the issue further:

But who is the player in the NatGeo photo signing autographs? A quick check at National Geographic online wasn’t helpful. The Kansas City Star speculates that it might be George Brett who, pretty much, is the only player in Royals history. Hey, the Royals have a history after 1985, even if nobody wants to remember most of it.

Update: This is probably the photograph. It’s of George Brett. There can be only one!

On its own this is amusing because, you know, it’s the Kansas City Royals. But then it’s also funny because it continues a kind of hilarious trend with it comes to George Brett.

He has a knack for going viral.

For Brett this all started back when the term “viral” was not part of the collective vocabulary. That would, of course, be the “pine tar incident” in 1983 when he had pine tar too high on his bat after a home run off of Goose Gossage (the pride of my hometown Colorado Springs).

Then there was the incident when Brett, ahem, discussed some bowel issues he had. The language is not suitable for this article, but feel free to click this link to check it out for yourself if you wish. And just in case you have any doubts that Brett went viral with that, there’s an auto-tuned video of that incident.

A hit pop song? A video that’s auto-tuned? If you need to go viral, look no further than former Royals great George Brett. He has the magic touch. If you don’t believe me, just start typing his name in the Google search and check out the suggested search items (censored):

george brett

Eat your heart out, Ylvis.

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