The Walking Dead Recap: Season 4 Episode 7, Dead Weight

I am Razor’s complete lack of surprise. I am Razor’s broken heart. I seriously feel like I’ve been watching a one eyed pirate shuffle around for two episodes. Just like Chuck in Fight Club, maybe self-improvement isn’t the answer for the Governor, maybe self-destruction is. Be honest, did any of you really think the Governor was going to be kind and gentle, with all the world covered in sparkles and rainbows? Because I didn’t. Not for one miserably meandering second did I think the Governor had changed, and Martinez was dumb to trust him.

I am the Governor’s smirking revenge. Next week promises to make up for the past two Sunday’s of utter and complete hot-garbage. Finally, the Governor has come to terms with himself. Martinez is dead and his body is lying in half consumed chunks at the bottom of a walker filled pit. Pete is dead and floating at the bottom of a lake; a trophy for the Governor to come back and longingly gaze as he enjoys the spoils of his conquest. Now, all there is left to do, is drive a tank right up the Prison’s weakly protected backside.


I am Razor’s falsely inflated sense of hope. As I am ever the optimist, I can only hope that the writers of The Walking Dead will send us off for Christmas vacation with our mouth’s permanently glued to the floor. I’m serious you guys, if at least 2 or 3 major characters don’t end up taking the long dirt nap in the mid-season finale, then I will be Razor’s horribly disappointed expectations until the show returns in February 2014.

So what are your expectations for this Sunday’s mid-season finale? Who do you think will die, and how do you think everything will shake out? I can only hope that total and complete chaos will ensue. Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll discuss in them in my mid-week Walking Dead article.

Take a peek at next week’s episode, ‘Too far Gone”


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  • Patrick Allen

    This show is so terrible. Why didn’t they just do all this crap last season? They literally had the Gov fall fro grace and instead of killing him or having the showdown at the prison, the just stalled. Instead, we get a boring ass season full of the flu (scary) and way more screen time for Hershall than anyone could have ever asked for in their wildest nightmares. Then they just have the Gov start all over again with a new group (in the course of two painfully dull episodes)all so they could have the showdown they should have had last season?

    • Razorhog

      Oh I agree, it’s been an absolutely abysmal season