Rivalry Week: Arkansas vs LSU Preview

Arkansas -v- LSU

 Battle for the Boot

Friday, November 29, 1:30PM (CT) on CBS

 Tiger Stadium, Baton Rouge, La.


2013 marks the last time Arkansas will face LSU in their season finale, as next year, Mizzou will replace the Bayou Bengals as Arkansas’ cross-division and traditional rival. Since the Golden Boot’s creation in 1996, LSU has won 11 times, while Arkansas has won 6. Several times in recent history, the game has come down to the final seconds, with a couple of games won in overtime, including a triple overtime thriller that ended with unranked Arkansas beating a #1 ranked LSU team in Baton Rouge. So, as you can see, the rivalry between these two teams is very heated.

The Arkansas Razorbacks have had a rough go of things as of late. With the firing of Bobby Petrino before the start of the 2011 season, the Hogs have endured two of the worst seasons in recent Arkansas football history. Hog fans breed a special kind of manic depression when their beloved Hogs aren’t winning, and it resonates with anyone remotely associated with Razorback Nation world wide. Threats of burning couches along the I-540 corridor, drinking local liquor stores dry, making atrociously embarrassing songs and then publishing them on YouTube, and now, egging player’s vehicles in a complete and total black-out rage; these are what has become of my beloved Razorbacks. I’m serious when I say, that as a Hog fan, colors are dull, flavors are bland, there is no God, or Santa, or Oprah, life has become a black abyss. I love you Razorback Nation, please never, ever change. Let me introduce you to the new face of Razorback manic-depression, and do yourself a favor, watch the entire clip.

With 3 losses, LSU is not having the kind of year that the coon-ass faithful in Baton Rouge think they should be having. LSU hasn’t reloaded this season like they normally do. Of course, with players like Jeremy Hill who sexually assaulted a young woman, and sucker punched a man outside a bar, and with Zach Mettenberger inappropriately touching a young woman in Georgia, maybe parents are steering their sons to other schools. LSU is not known for being a classy school, if you have ever had the misfortune of attending a game in Tiger Stadium as an opposing team’s fan, then you probably know what I’m talking about. Aside from being classless antagonists, LSU also has a problem with the King’s English. Tiger fans regularly replace the proper “O” with “EAUX”. This obviously leads to some confusion with normal folk. Of course, what LSU article would be complete without a representation of some of their finest.

Razor’s Pick: Arkansas

(Yes I know this is a total homer pick)

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