Kane's Questions And Thoughts: Black Friday Edition

Some people get excited about Black Friday, so much so that they stand outside in the cold for hours (or days) to purchase items ranging from video games to headphones to appliances and stuff. Other people emerge philosophical on this day, suddenly feeling the need to comment on the nature of American culture and commercialism.

I’m not sure which is more embarrassing…

This weekend features another American institution that some people love and some people hate: FOOTBALL.

Who will win the AFC Wild Card race?

Actually, back up for a second. What kind of race is this?

AFC playoff picture

It’s like the producers at CBS are saying: seriously, here’s what a cluster-you-know-what this is. At the conclusion of Week 12, the Titans (!) were in the lead. Here is a red arrow to emphasize our shock.

Is the AFC Wild Card “race” like this kind of race?

Or maybe more like this kind of race?

Here’s how bad things are: according to Football Outsiders’ DVOA (defense-adjusted value over average) rankings entering Week 12’s action, the highest ranked AFC Wild Card “contender” (minus the Kansas City Chiefs) was the Pittsburgh Steelers at 15th in the NFL (3.4% DVOA). That means that almost every single team in this “race” is in the bottom half of the entire league in terms of their schedule-adjusted performance this season. Also, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are right behind the Steelers at 16th, meaning that we might have a playoff team that is worse than them in terms of overall quality of play. The Bucs, in case you forgot, are currently coached by Greg Schiano and quarterbacked by Mike Glennon.

Even New Jersey Brooklyn Nets point guard head coach Jason Kidd is disgusted with the AFC Wild Card situation.


Speaking of the AFC Wild Card…

Are you ready for another Joe Flacco glory run?

Because I’m not.

joe flaccid

Seriously, I can’t go through it again. Here’s the problem: if the Ravens turn last night’s 22-20 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers into another playoff run, they will earn it. Here is their schedule the rest of the way:

  • Week 14: home against the Minnesota Vikings (disregard this one)
  • Week 15: at the Detroit Lions
  • Week 16: home against the New England Patriots
  • Week 17: at the Cincinnati Bengals

There’s a good and a bad to that tough stretch to end the season. The good is the fact that it decreases the likelihood of the Ravens making the playoffs and causing everybody to flip out because OMG we’ve seen them do this before here they go again. The bad? If they pull it off, they will have defeated three tough opponents and will enter the AFC playoffs red hot. Again.


What are the craziest point spreads of the week?

I’ve just got two that are worth mentioning here.

Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings (-0.5)

And here I thought Josh McCown was popular in Vegas…

Jacksonville Jaguars at Cleveland Browns (-7.5)

Look, I know it’s the Jaguars, but say this sentence out loud: “Brandon Weeden is laying a touchdown in a real NFL game.”

Brandon Weeden is laying a touchdown in a real NFL game.

Seriously, this is one strange season.

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