The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale Recap: Too Far Gone

 “Don’t look back, Carl. Just keep walking”

The Prison has been breached, Hershel was brutally decapitated and is dead, the Governor is dead, and for all we know, Lil Ass-kicker is dead as well; it’s safe to say that no one is looking back. Last night’s mid-season finale was exactly what I have been wanting to see all season, and after two episodes that felt like they were mired in muck and mediocrity, this episode provided a much needed shot in the arm that makes the anticipation for the second half of the season almost unbearable.

RIP Hershel, you will be missed.


Once again, the writers of The Walking Dead gave fans of the comics a nice little Easter egg when the Governor, standing by his tank, gave the command to “Kill them all!”, it was a fantastic scene that gave me chills. Speaking of fantastic scenes, when Lizzie and her sister show up to save Tyreese by putting a bullet in Tara’s girlfriend’s head, I was shocked, it left me with my jaw on the floor.

How many of you thought for a fleeting second that Daryl was going to get bitten by the Walker that shambled up behind him? My wife sure did, first thing out of her mouth was “IF THEY KILL DARYL I’M DONE WATCHING THIS CRAP!” yeah, I think I may have a problem. How about little Meghan getting bit by the mud walker, I honestly thought she was going to be Penny part 2, but the Governor put that thought to rest with a bullet to her head.

So much happened last night, that honestly, I could write a book about it, but I won’t, you are welcome. However, I want to talk about the direction the survivors are headed in now. By my count, there are at least seven different groups headed in seven different directions after the fall of the prison.

Group 1: Rick and Carl. Devastated by the assumed death of baby Judith (Lil Ass-kicker) Rick and Carl are last seen hobbling off into the woods with the prison in the background, Walkers stumbling through the holes in the fence and walls, Rick muttering the words, “Don’t look back, Carl”. What lies in store for the father and son duo? Will Rick descend into another depression? With Rick being shot in the leg, will Carl have to take care of and provide for his father?

Group 2: Glenn and the bus full of the sick, young and old. Wow, Glenn got the short end of the stick here. Not only is he just recovering from the super-flu, but now he has to protect, and provide for a group of seemingly helpless people. Glenn might as well be on a bus full of red shirted extras from Star Trek.

Group 3: Maggie, Bob, and Sasha. Maggie will most definitely be looking to reunite with Glenn, so I am sure she will have her group endlessly searching for the bus. We still don’t know enough about Bob, and I do not trust him at all. I think he is the one feeding the Walkers the rats, and probably is the one who dissected and left that rat for Tyreese to find; dude is a whacko. Sasha, once she heals fully, will be a great asset to the group.

Group 4: Tyreese, creepy Lizzie, and her little sister. Tyreese has proven he is a badass with a hammer, there probably isn’t any safer place to be for the sisters, than under the watchful eye of Tyreese. Lizzie has for sure proven to be a little badass and a crack shot.

Group 5: Daryl and Beth. Okay, if Daryl comes up to you and says “We gotta go” then you go. Daryl is an Apex Predator in a world full of prey. There isn’t any situation Daryl cannot overcome. The best place for Beth, is with Daryl.

Group 6: Carol. I know, she isn’t part of the prison group anym0re, but I have a strong feeling that we will see her early into the second half of the season. Carol is a survivor, she will cross paths with someone from the fractured prison group, mark my words.

Group 7: Michonne. If Daryl is the king of survivors, Michonne is his queen. After finally getting revenge on the Governor, Michonne did not follow Rick back into the prison to search for Carl, which surprises me, but at the same time, it kind of makes sense. Michonne is a loner, she survived all by herself, well if you don’t count the armless-jawless walkers she used as pack mules, but was slowly accepting the family dynamic of the prison group. She definitely is more than capable of surviving on her own once again, but I hope she finds the group quickly in the second half of the season, as she is one of my favorite survivors.

Once again, the writers of The Walking Dead sent us off on our mini-break with beautiful cinematography. The one Walker I wanted to see, was the Irish girl that tried to kill Rick in the first episode of the season. I kept a watchful eye on every Walker at the fences in every episode, looking for the waif in an oversized black suit coat. Last night, I got what I wanted. Thank you TWD writers, I am pleased.

Clara walker

We’ve got about 2 full months before The Walking Returns on February 9th, so what are your predictions for the group? Think we may lose more survivors? Will the fractured prison group reunite? Will Carol return? Post your questions and thoughts on last night’s episode, or the season so far, in the comments below. Thanks for reading, and I will see you in February 2014!

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