World of Warcrat: Throwback Thursday, Leeroy Jenkins

It’s that time again folks, Throwback Thursday is upon us, and for today’s #WoWTBT (because I like to use douchey hashtags) I have chosen a World of Warcraft legend.

Sometime in 2005, World of Warcraft guild, “Pals for Life” made a video of the guild’s attempt at the Rookery in Upper Black Rock Spire. The Rookery was an especially difficult room and encounter for groups to attempt, as just brushing by a dragon egg, which covered the entire room, would spawn dragon welps that could easily and horribly kill everyone involved.

The video begins with the group discussing strategy on how to attempt the encounter, only to have all strategy go out the door when Leeroy comes back from being afk, to charge into the room, yelling his trademark battle cry, LEEEERRRRRRRROOOOYYYY JEEEEEENKINS! This video was posted on the official World of Warcraft forums, and Leeroy’s popularity sky-rocketed.

Leeroy Jenkins

Know Your Meme: Leeroy Jenkins

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