Kane's Questions And Thoughts: Cold Weather Edition

Apparently it’s freezing everywhere. I know because today was the day that various friends, family members, and acquaintances felt the need to post a screen shot of the weather on their Facebook or Twitter page. Like this…

They then accompanied it with a witty comment such as this:

“Looks like I’m going to need sun tan lotion tomorrow…look at all that sunshine! LOL SMH”

That kind of wit will get you at least five “likes.”

You know what else goes great with bitter cold weather? Football. Talking about it. Watching it. Yelling at our friends because of the results of our fantasy football playoffs. All of those things. Here are some questions…

What happens when you mess with the 12th man?

You get yelled at. Loudly. Really, really loudly. That’s something I learned this week. I’ll say this: if Seattle Seahawks fans are going to post on message boards or social media, there should be special requirements for them. Typing in all capital letters isn’t nearly enough for them to indicate that they are YELLING. They should have to use like a really huge, bold font. They set records and stuff for being loud and yelling, ya know…Just ask them about it (if you dare).

One other thing: how about some gender equality? What, you can’t be the 12th person?

Seriously though, Mr. Seahawks fan (since women apparently aren’t welcome), your team is really good and you kind of scare me. Just remember: you have MY team (the Colorado Rockies) to thank for your quarterback. So next time Russell Wilson does a little backhanded flip or does a good job catching stuff, you think of his time playing second base for the Tulsa Drillers and then you think of me FONDLY.


Are people seriously saying nice things about the Jacksonville Jaguars?

You bet they are. Here’s a sampling after tonight’s 27-20 victory over the Houston Texans:

So go ahead, Jaguars fans. Celebrate.

At this rate, Bandit might have to change the title of his NFL recap to the “Mildly Unhappy Jags Fan NFL Recap.”

Which week 14 point spreads should get your attention?

Just a couple…

Minnesota Vikings at Baltimore Ravens (-7.5)

I don’t care who’s playing quarterback for the Vikings, whether it be Matt Cassel, Christian Ponder, Samantha Ponder, Joe Webb, Jeff George (actually might be a better option) or that guy who plays Brett Favre in the Wranglers commercials…if you want to take a Joe Flacco-led team giving more than a touchdown, that’s your decision. I’ll pass…

joe flaccid

Whatever, man. Whatever…

St. Louis Rams at Arizona Cardinals (-6.5)

If this were the type of column that gave out things like “LOCKS OF THE WEEK,” this would be it. You know that thing I said about Joe Flacco giving a touchdown? Insert Carson Palmer into that sentence and you’ve got it. If you’re into picking against the spread (for recreational purposes, of course)…you should grab St. Louis and the points.

Here’s something you should read

Peter King has an excellent piece over at MMQB about the week he spent with Gene Steratore’s officiating crew. Here’s a sampling:

Tuesdays are nervy times for the officials. “Our moment of truth,” Steratore says. That’s when the preliminary grades from the games just officiated are emailed to every official, usually by 2 p.m. Eastern Time. The NFL employs a crew of officiating supervisors, usually former officials, to pass judgment on the current guys. In this case former umpire Ed Coukart is the supervisor assigned to the Texans-Cardinals game Steratore’s crew had worked the previous day, and Coukart spends Monday going over each official’s performance on every play. The grades can be appealed by the crew chief, and supervisors conference with league bosses Wednesday to review the grades before they become final late that day.

Maybe you’ll be more sympathetic towards refs after you read it, and maybe not. Either way, go check it out. And finally…

Are you in your Fantasy Football playoffs this weekend?

If you are, I would like to pass along a hearty congratulations. It’s been a long season for you. It’s been a grind, and now it all comes down to this. One weekend of stress and anxiety, hoping this is finally the year you will catch the breaks and be crowned champion. I want to take a moment to wish each and every one of you luck in your fantasy football playoffs.

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